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{ the glitch } 


❤ Stephanie 💛

After Michael had left, I took off his shoes and removed his clothes till he stark naked.

Gush he's so big down there. I can't wait to feel him deep inside me. I bet this Is what that stupid girl I after.

I took off my clothes too and took his joystick into my mouth while I fingered myself. F**k am so wet. 

Soon his c*ck was erected. I hover over him and sat on it taking it all in me.

Oh my gosh this feel so good. Am sure Dex doesn't feel this way or even this big .


I rolled over after several orgasm.

He's so big and perfect. I would really appreciate more of his c*ck in me.

I brought out his phone and took pictures of us naked before sending it over to his so called girlfriend.

This picture is enough to end this so called relationship in just a matter of seconds.

I placed his phone back in the pocket of his blazer and smiled staring at him.

Sorry Travis but this was the only way I could make you mine .

🖤 Kelly Harrison 🖤

I was feeling dizzy and lazy all day so I'd to go and pay the doctor a visit but not after throwing up several times.

I sat down in his office waiting for the test results. I wish I'd came with Travis but he had called two hours back that he was gonna stay out late.

The door pulled open and the doctor walked in smiling from ear to ear.

Why is he so excited more than I'm?

"Congratulations miss you're two months pregnant." He handed me the results .

"What??" My voice cracked.

"You're pregnant ma'am." He grinned..

I was so happy I screamed so loud. Am gonna be a mom !!!

Travis is gonna be happy to hear this news.

My phone beeped and I glance at the screen it was a msg from Travis.

I happily opened it but what I saw crashed my happiness.

Tears roll down my cheek as my phone fell off my hand.



  1. So sorry Kelly baby and congrats too. Even though you might want to abort. Thank you my author

  2. This is where simple wisdom and understanding comes in.

  3. No sane person will have s*x and send pic to his lover except something is off so Pls think

    don't do something awful now that u are pregnant

  4. think before you act Kelly.

  5. what the f**k this not good ohh

  6. Yes I agree with u think be4 u act oh Stephanie is so manipulative



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