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{ the glitch } 


⭕ Dex ⭕

Wow this is more easy than I thought. She followed me to the park and I made sure she had lots of fun so she could trust me.

And yeah I think she trust me not after doing silly things with her pretending to be a nice traveler and innocent guy that wants to be a friend.

"Thank so much for today." She said the moment I pulled up in front of Travis mansion.

"Oh come on its nothing." I said calmly.

"I'll be on my way now see you see soon." She got out ta the car and waved at me before walking towards the entrance of the of the mansion.

I most say Travis has got some massive mansion. Seeing all of this makes me wanna ruin him the more..

The thing is I'm not tryna be a glitch because mom doesn't want kelly around him.

I'm exact my revenge on him and am gonna start by taking his beloveth girlfriend.

He's the favorite son and got all the good stuffs while I suffered in the dark.

Our mom hid me from everyone for years and yet no one knows about me including Travis.

Am gonna have your girl on my bed screaming my name soon.I'm

I smirked before driving off.

šŸ’„ Kelly Harrison šŸ’„

Sometimes we don't have to judge a book by its cover same goes to Dex 

Turns out he's a good guy after all.

I walked into the mansion and met the kids playing video games. They seem so concerned about the game that they  barely noticed me.

I chuckled and headed upstairs to Travis room.

When he placed his palm on my cheek I felt the warmth of his palm.

He locked lips with mine and I responded to the kiss immediately as well deepen it.

Slowly he made me lay down while stayed on top of me trailing kisses all over my face down to my neckline.

I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I loved how his touch had effects on me.




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