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{ the glitch } 


🙄 Travis Williamson 😂

I drove into the parking lot of my mansion and sluggishly walked towards the entrance door.

The kids were busy playing video games when they saw me.

"Daddy!!' Ivy squeaks and jumped on my arms.

"Hey babygirl how was school today?" I ruffled her hair.

"Fine dad." She smiled.

"Hi dad." Jay jay said simultaneously.

There's someone missing right now .

"Where's kelly?" I asked as I observed the whole place.

"Ma'am Clarisse said she had gone to see her family." Jennie said with all her attention on the video game.

I shrug and headed upstairs to my room.

Kept my blazer on the bed and took off my clothes before heading to the bathroom.

I switched on the warm shower and stayed under it enjoying every bit of it.


I came outta the shower clad in a bathrobe. Went towards the closet and changed into some shorts  .

I like being shirtless whenever am indoors.

Went towards my pc and turned it on before seating on the bed.

Have got some unfinished work. The door cracked open revealing the most beautiful woman on earth that stole my heart.

I flashed her a smile and continued working.

"Hey baby."she walked towards me and placed her hands around my neck.

"Hey where have you been?" I mumbled and placed a kiss on her palm.

"Had to go and see mom and my sisters and also stopped by the park with a friend of mine." She explained and I shrugged.

"I kinda missed you though but since you're here with me I think am all good."  I chuckled and turned to face her before making her seat beside me.

"Relax love am here now." She muttered.

I nodded and tuck a strand of her hair behind. I placed my palm on her cheek and slowly brought my face closer before crashing my lips on hers.

I just can't get enough her. I encircled the other hand around her waist and pulled her even closer to me.



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