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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 74 ⭕

two weeks later.


I walked outta the conference room sluggishly and headed towards my office.

Gush am so tired I can't wait to go home and rest. Thank goodness the press meeting is over .
I walked towards my office and push the door open only to meet Stephanie in my office seating on my desk.

"Hello sweetie I thought you ain't gonna come back." She said seductively.

Who let her into my office?

"What are you doing here?" I growled at her.

"Temper temper sweetie I came back for you what else ." she walked towards me wiggling her big butt .

"Get outta my office now before I call security." I said in a calm way trying so hard not to fall for her tricks.

Stephanie is a seductress and must be avoided at all cost.

My heart belongs to Kelly and Kelly alone.

" I'll leave but rest assure you'll be seeing more of me soon." She winked.

She bit my earlobe teasingly before brushing her shoulder against mine.

" bye bye boo boo." She blow me a kiss and walked outta my office.

Stephanie was the girl I was supposed to get married to but I ended up getting married to Aurora .
Mom was against my wedding union with Aurora.

To her wedding is a contract between two companies and people to gain more power.

Unfortunately Aurora was from an average family which made mom hate her even more.

Its no news if Stephanie is in Ny.
Am sure my mom has something to do with this.

I sigh faustratedly and grabbed hold of my blazer also my car keys before walking outta my office.


I arrived home shortly and packed my car at the parking lot before stepping outta the car.
I walked towards the entrance only to meet kelly standing there smiling at me.

Her beautiful smile melted my heart.

"Welcome back dear." She said and took my blazer from me before giving me a hug.

"Thanks love. Let's go inside." We walked into my mansion holding hands.


  1. Steph kwa? Biko don't come and spoil our beautiful moment. Thank you author

  2. Hahahahahahaha all these evil people self

  3. Another one 😔😔😔
    Steph_whatever your name is be warned oh😒😒😒



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