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{ the glitch😂 }

⭕ EPISODE 73 ⭕

💓 kelly Harrison 💓

I groan softly and tried to seat up but I couldn't for I was too weak.

"Careful love I got you." Travis said from beside me as he helped me seat up.

"Thanks." I muttered dryly.

"How are you feeling now?" He asked with concern.

"Well I don't really know for sure all I know is am better than earlier." I smiled weakly.

He let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness you're OK❤." He took my hand and smooches it softly.

The room door bust open as my Ivy races into the room and the rest too.

" you're okay!!" She squeaks and crawled into my arms like a baby making me laugh.

I turned to look at Jeremy who couldn't share eye contact with me.

I sigh sadly and looked away. I wish he knew how much I was willing to take away all his pains.

And give him all the motherly love he deserves but he won't let me.

He's scared of letting me into his heart.

"Am sorry." I heard his sad voice and I looked at him immediately.

"Why are you saying sorry?" I asked calmly.

" am sorry for being so rude to you earlier, I couldn't take everything in." He explained and I could see pain in his eyes even though he kept trying to conceal it.

"No Jeremy I know how it feels okay ? Its not your fault. I just want you to accept as your friend not a mother." I smile and he scratched the back of his head.

" okay  i cant guarantee you but I'll try. am I forgiven?" He showed off his teeth.

"Of course Anything for you. Come here." I gesture him to come closer and I pulled him into a tight hug.

"Wow kelly you're  an amazing person." Travis cooed and I blushed even though I still feel faint.

"What about me? How come am not getting any hugs?" Jennie rolls her eyes and I could sense  jealousy.

"Alright alright come here jay." I winked and I gave her a hug too.

It was more like one big happy family.

Nothing gladden my heart more than to see the people I care about happy.

"ERM time up time up!! Everyone step away from her she needs to rest remember?" Travis feigned annoyance.

"Looks like jennie is not the only jealous one here." I said and everyone burst into laughter as Travis became shy.

Omg he's shy 😂

"Come on kids give us some privacy will you?" He dismissed them and they left happily.

"I didn't know you also get shy?" I decided to tease him.

He smiled and moved closer to me and sat down beside me.

"I wanna say thank you for coming into the life of me and my kids. You're indeed a blessing." He said staring at me intensely and I blushed real hard.

"Am glad I came into your lives." I said and pecked his cheek.



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