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🙄 {The glitch }😍

⭕ EPISODE 72 ⭕

♀️ Travis Williamson ♀️

"She's fine., She had a fever but would be back on her feet if taken her drugs as prescribed.", He said.
 I let out a breath I never knew I was holding.

"Okay thanks Man .", I said and shook hands with him.

He nods and left. I opened the door and got in.

She was sleeping peacefully and vulnerable.

I sat down beside her and ran my fingers through her deep black hair before kissing her forehead.

I entwined our fingers and stayed that way.

" I know how much you love me and my kids but sometimes you feel like you gonna be rejected. am here for you my love and will always be.", I muttered Dryly and placed a kiss on her palm.

"I'll always try my best to win their hearts and stand by you forever.' I heard her voice in my head....

I raised my head up to see her eyes wide open.

I  quickly planted a kiss on her lips.

"Don't you dare scare me like that again" I mumbled as I pulled away..
..."am sorry.", She looked away..

"You don't have to be sorry my love.", I kissed her palm again.

✴️ Drex ✴

Finally am in Brooklyn city also I bought a house here so I can use in carrying out my mission.

Let's see how you gonna be able to run away from me now princess.

I stood by the glass view watching the whole place when two cold hands sneaked around my waist.

"Hey babe what are you doing here alone?" One of the flings I have whisperinto my ear biting my earlobes teasingly.

", Nothing I just need some fresh air." I said huskily and turned around before spanking her *ss.

"Let's go back to bed babe.", She whispered seductively.

I smiled and took her lips on mine before taking her to bed.



  1. interesting. Thank you writer

  2. Ah😩🤦🤦
    Where did you come from again oh oga 🤷🤦🤦



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