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🙄 {  The glitch } 😍

⭕ EPISODE 71 ⭕

♀️ Travis Williamson ♀️

I placed her on the bed and covered her properly.

Jennie had called the doctor. Gush she's burning hot.

Knew there was something wrong with her but I didn't take it all seriously.

Finally the doctor arrived and asked me to give him a minute.

" Am so sorry Dad it's all because of me 😢 she's hurt.'jeremy lamented and sigh sadly.

He has every right to be angry because I know how much he loves his mom dearly..

I know he stays up at night to cry himself to sleep and do the things he does with his mom.

", It's not your fault Jeremy. You were one of the people that showed me how golden Kelly was. And gradually she was able to win my heart. Promise try and understand your father haven't been so happy before but thanks to her am smiling again." I explained and turned my back against him.

"Am really sorry Dad I let my emotions cloud my judgement." He said I would feel how sad he was but he was trying to conceal it so I won't see right through him.

"Come here.' I said and pulled him into a hug.

" I love you son I really do I just don't want you all to lack a mother's love." I mumbled.

I broke the hug and headed for my room there's something I need to do.

I got into my room and went straight to where Aurora's portrait was standing and stood by it.

I could still hear her laughter in my head and heart melting voice in my soul.

This is it Aurora. I've done what you desire.

Have found someone who's gonna mend my heart and love me unconditionally.

I know your spirit can finally rest in peace. I trailed my fingers on the portrait before taking it off and placed it somewhere in my room.

It's time to let it shine. I walked towards the curtains and pulled it apart.

Wow it's so beautiful 😍 why didn't i do this all the time.

I walked outta my room when I was satisfied with the changes.

I walked towards Kelly's room and met with the doctor..

"Hey Duncan how's she? What's wrong with her ", I rushed him with questions.

"Relax man she's ....



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