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💛 { The glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 70 ⭕


I don't know if I should say I love her. Love is an understatement.

I wish there was another word I could use but right now she is the most precious thing to me.

"Love you so much ❣️ hope you know that?" I whisper into her ear and held on to her waist.

She nodded slowly as the water came in contact with our bare skin.

", I love you much more than you can imagine.", She turned over and took my lips on hers.

We kissed intensely for awhile before pulling apart.


",You seem weak are you okay?" I asked with concern as I watched her  closely.

She looked pale and weary too .

",Am fine okay?", She smiled weakly.

",Kelly ?!!" Ivy squeak running into her room.

" My baby!! " She smiled and tickled her Making her giggled Childishly.

"Dad we need to talk." Jeremy said standing by the door.

He was with Jennie .  I nodded and they walked into the room.

Kelly smiled at them trying to act like she's fine but I know she's not.

I can feel it. Somehow she's connected to my heart when she's hurt 💔 I could feel it.

"What do you kids what talk about?" I asked.

"It's about you guys we don't understand what's going on." Jeremy said with a frown..

I looked at Kelly who nodded at me to tell them the truth about us.

Sooner or later I'll have to face them.

I took a deep breath and faced my kids.

", While we were at England alot happened between us kids. It was then I realized that we're not so different. I fell in love with her.", I paused to see their reaction.

Jeremy still had that emotionless face on.

"You mean you guys are more like lover's now?", Jennie asked while ivy stared at us innocently.

", Yes and I want you all to get along with her if possible treat her like your mother." I announced and Jennie squeak before hugging me happily.

"Am so happy for you dad. After all this years you decided to fall in love again.", She said and hugged Kelly too.

",No!! You can't ever be like her!, You can never take her place in my heart! I can never treat you like my mom!" Jeremy said in between tears and ran outta the room.

Have Neva seen my son in that much tears.

"Jeremy wait!!" Kelly said and tried to go after him but she was too weak and fell the ground.

My whole body became stiff.

I rushed towards her immediately and Carried her in my arms.




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