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💛 { THE GLITCH } 😍

⭕ EPISODE 69 ⭕


I came outta the car with Travis holding my hand.
All I want now was to see ivy I miss her alot.

"Daddy!!" Ivy ran outta the house with Jennie and Jeremy.

"My baby." Travis lifted her up and sprung her around.

She left her dad and ran into my arms.

'princess!!", I chuckled and tickled her Abit.

"I missed you so much." I cooed.

"Hello kids." Travis said and fondle with Jennie's hair.

"Welcome back daddy."I they simultaneously said.

"It sure feels good to be back home.", He said and walked into the house with the kids while I carried IVY with my hands and playing with her too.

She's such a funny kid and I miss her alot.

Our luggages were taken upstairs to our various rooms.

"God am so tired 😴."I sighed softly and dropped ivy who won't stop giggling on the couch.

" Sorry love why don't you go upstairs and freshen up I'll behind you." He smiled and nod.

" Love??" The kids simultaneously said.

Travis was grinning from ear to ear while I hid my burning red cheeks.

"Relax kids we'll talk about it later for now we're so tired." Travis said and walked at me.

"Oh my goodness they're here. Welcome back My boy .". ma'am Clarisse greeted.

"Thanks ma'am." Travis chuckled softly.

Ma'am turned to look at me and smiled.

I knew instantly what that smile was for.

Travis signal for me to go upstairs already and took the stairs up to my room.

Oh i miss my bed so much and at the same time I miss my bed in England. 

I miss everything we shared on that same bed.

I slowly took off my dress before fixing a warm bath for myself..

I stiff when I felt something on my waist.
"Taking a shower without me again,?" I heard his husky voice.

"Gush you need to stop doing that.and of course not my love.' I smiled and relaxed into his touch even though I feel faint.



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