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🤩 { THE GLITCH } 😍



" Come on baby open up. " Travis said trying to feed me .

"You haven't eaten yet. Should I help?" I winked.

He nodded negatively and fed himself.

"We'll be going back soon love . I really miss my kids." He sighed.

" I miss em too especially my life little pumpkin ." I cooed.

"All this years of loneliness you came as my stubborn brat and took that away.Ivy have never been so bounded with anyone but she did with you. Thank you so much baby I love you a bunch." He placed his palm on my cheek and stroke it with his thumb.

I blushed and smiled. Haven't loved anyone more than I love him.

"Am glad I was able to bring a smile back to your face. " I placed a kiss on his palm.

"Come here." He pulled me closer and crashed his lips on mine.

I responded to the kiss immediately and ended up smooching.

♀️ Dex Brandon ♀️

"She's gonna a big problem Mrs Williamson ." I spoke standing by the door.

"Don't tell me you can't get in between them" she groan softly.

" She's acting so hard to get but what needs to be done. She can't be my woman I'll make her my friend and slowly cause a rift between them." I smirked and she grinned evilly.

"Are you aware they'll be leaving in two days time?  More reason you have to act fast." She reminded me

",Yeah I know about that and also made preparations too. That's the best place to get in-between them." I scoffed.

"Good luck son." She smiled.

I nodded and walked away from her room.



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