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♈{ the glitch }♈



I took our dinner upstairs and some  chilled soda too.
Kellie was in the bathroom  singing in the shower.

Crazy girl . I dropped the tray by the bedside and pulled off my shirt and toss it across the room before walking into the bathroom.

She stood by the shower, I went behind her and sneaked my hand around her waist.

She shuttered into my touch.

" Relax babe it's me ." I whisper into her ear and bit her eye lobe.

"Gush you startled me."she mumbled as she relaxed into my touch.

"Am sorry love I just couldn't let you enjoy all the fun alone." I said huskily. 

"Oh yeah ? What do you know about fun." She scoffed.

.I could feel my joystick getting harder just by the touch of her butt against it.

"Let me show you what I mean by fun." I said and trailed my hand through her body down to her Honeypot and inserted my finger into it.

She moan softly as my fingers did wonders in her Honeypot which had become so wet.

Gush her moans sent signals to my joystick. 

I groan softly when I felt my hardness.

I trailed kisses on her shoulder to her neck Area.

She moan out loud as I inserted two fingers into it. She stopped me and turned to face me .

The next thing she went on her fours and brought out my harden c*ck.

What is she tryna do?

She locked eyes with me as she stroked it gently as moan had become Abit louder

She took all of it into his mouth and began to suck on it.

F**k !! Where did she learn to suck like that?

I could feel my whole body burning with pleasure and desire.

She keeps doing that I might end up cuming in her mouth. Even though she still sucks like a learner she still knows how to please her man.

I pulled her up and carried her in my arms before slamming her to the bathroom wall and crashed my lips on hers before sliding my joystick into her Honeypot.

She moan into my mouth as I move in and outta her tenderly not to hurt her.

I carried her in my arms outta the bathroom and placed her on the bed before thrusting into her.

She held on to me tightly as her nails bore holes in my skin.

She moan is so pleasant to the ear urging me to do more. She encircled her long legs around my waist as I made love to her.

I reached climax and emptied my cum inside her.

I peeked her on the lips before laying down beside her.

"Come here baby." I pulled her to me and hugged her to me.

"I love you 😘." I mumbled.

" I love you too." She smiled weakly and we stayed that way.




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