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♈{ the glitch }♈



I stopped what I was doing and raised my head up.  It a was a guy with blonde hair.

"Mind if I seat here?" He smiled brightly.

"I won't say for sure but my fiance won't be happy to see you here." I muttered Dryly.

"Relax babe I don't bite. Am Dex and you?" He sat down facing me.

"Kellie." I  rolled my eyes.

"Why is a pretty lady like you doing seating alone? Where's your so called fiancee 🙄" he air coated the last part.

" Am right here looser." I heard Travis's  voice from behind.

" Oh he's here .you didn't tell me your boyfriend was Travis Williamson. Hey man." He said and tried to shake Travis but received a glare in return.

" Who's this babe?" Travis asked with a disgusting look.

" He's Dex i just met him." I explained.

" Let's go babe I want you to meet someone." Travis said and pecked my lips in front of Dex who was burning with jealousy.

"It was nice meeting you princess. I'll be on my way now." Dex said and winked at sulking Travis.

What's it with boys and jealousy.

I chuckled at the both of them before walking ahead of Travis.

" He's so ugly yuck?!" Travis shrugged making me laugh.

"Calm down babe 😘 am all yours." I planted a kiss on his lips and he smiled immediately.

"Okay if you say so. I love you baby." He sneaked his arm my waist as he led me to a corner.

We met with few of his friends and business associates too.

I became so tired .

"Am so tired 😴" I whined.

"Let's go home then we're done here."Travis said holding my hand.

I nodded and walked hand in hand to the car.

Gush I miss my baby girl so much we'll be back in Brooklyn in two days.


The drive home was awfully long gush my feet hurts plus am so hungry.

"Home sweet home."  I sighed holding my heels.

"Yeah baby go upstairs and freshen up  I'll join you shortly." He said and I smiled before taking the stairs.

I pulled off my 👗 and dumped the heels somewhere.

Removed the band holding my hair up and sluggishly walked into the bathroom.

ah cold water just what I needed right now.



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