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⭕ Episode 64 ⭕


The car came to halt in front of a massive building which looked like a hall.

Folks were moving to and fro all dressed up  beautifully.

"My lady?" Travis said and took my palm and helped me outta the car.

He took my arm in his and we walked towards the entrance like a couple.

Everyone kept staring at us making me feel uneasy.

"Relax babe am here for you." He assured me with a smile.

I nod and smile brightly.

We walked into building filled with different people of different caliber.

Business men and women all looking so fancy.

We walked towards a special table for two and Travis pulled out a chair and I sat down.

Folks kept marveling over him.

I feel my jealous spirit bubbling up.

",Relax princess am all yours.", He winked and I blushed.

I love how he always made me feel comfortable.

" Oh hi Mr Williams nice to have you here.", A man in his mid 50 said and shook hands with Travis.

" It's a pleasure Klein. How's the company running and your family?" Travis stood up.

" Well what do you know  business is business buddy. Can I have a moment please?" The man said politely.

" I'll have to take  permission from my fiancee." Travis said and smiled at me as my cheeks had become so red.

"Oh pardon my manners Mii lady , I'm Klein Morgan and you mii lady?" He bow politely.

"Kellie. Nice to meet you too monsieur." I chuckled softly.

"What a beautiful name for a lovely damsel like you." He took my hand and tried to kiss but jealous Travis stopped.

"Erm that's enough Klein . You said something about speaking to me in privately." Travis rolled his eyes dramatically.

" Oh about that. Can I please steal your man for a sec?" He winked.

"Well of course monsieur take all the time you need .", I smiled and Travis groan softly..

"Thanks 😘." He said and dragged Travis along.

Now it's just me myself and I.

I brought out my phone and decided to play video games.

I was so engrossed in playing games that I didn't see someone coming close.

"Mine if I seat here?" A deep masculine voice.

I stopped what I was doing and looked up.




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