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{ Inlove with my nanny}

⭕ Episode 63 ⭕


I sluggishly walked into the bathroom and mixed a bath before sliding into the jacuzzi tub.

So cold just the way I love it .

I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of the water against my skin when someone stepped into the jacuzzi I opened my eyes immediately.

"Having fun without me?" He raised his eyebrows seductively.

"Huh? No you were too busy to shower with me.", I feigned annoyance.

" Of course not baby. I'm never too busy when it comes to you." He said huskily and stole a kiss from me.

"Whatever show off." I chuckled softly and kisses him again..

He returned the kiss and we ended up smooching in the jacuzzi.


"Here let me help you." Travis said and took the hand dryer from me.

He helped me styled my hair and packed it up in a messy bun.

" Thanks." I smiled.

" You welcome my love, now let's get you something to wear. I can't wait to show you off." He giggled and walked towards the closet.

He never seize to amaze me . I watched him with kin Interest as he brought out a red strapless dress.

"Wow how did that get in my wardrobe? Unless of course you happen to have a corny lover.", I smirked with folded arms.

" You never can tell ." I stuck out his tongue and pass it over to me.

I rolled my eyes and took the dress before walking into the closet.

I came out all dressed up .

"Tada!!" I chuckled softly.

His mouth was wide open staring at me.

"You look beautiful dear." He complimented.

We are attending a royal gala  together even though am Abit nervous because haven't attended  any gala before.

"Thanks ." I smiled and watch him put on his blazer.

"You're not so bad yourself." I winked and help him straighten out his collar.

"Oh yeah. Okay maybe I should blush since it's coming from a special someone." He giggled Childishly.

"You such a baby." I teased and slide my feet into a silver stilettos.

He stood behind me and wore a locket around my neck.

It has the two letters of our names on it 'TK'  and tiny pieces of diamonds around it.

"Do you like it?" He pecked my cheek.

" Wow it's beautiful 😍."  I cooed and traced my finger around it.

" Are you ready?" He asked and took my hand.

We walked outta the room hand in hand.



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