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{ IN love with my nanny 😍}

⭕ Episode 62 ⭕

πŸ™„ Mrs Williamson 🀯

Have come too far to let a commoner take everything i had worked for.

He will only get married to someone I can control. A rich classic girl I can control and manipulate.

I'll do anything in my power to get rid of her even if it means killing her .

"Here's your payment and the girl's picture you know what to do." He said to one of my boys.

" Should I kill her?" He asked.

" That won't be necessary for now. Just get her attention distract her from getting closer to my son." I smirked.

" Not a problem ma'am." He grinned wickedly.

" Oh yet there won't be a problem because if there's am gonna kill you myself.", I said furiously.

I nodded and left. 

Travis is such a coward. After everything I taught him only to bring a lowlife before me.

" Miranda?' I heard my husband's name .

I turned immediately . I hope he didn't hear my conversation with Drex.

" Yes darling." I smiled nervously.

" You seem lost what are you thinking about?" He asked as he walked towards me with a glass of wine.

" Nothing just thinking about the girl Travis brought home while you were away." I rolled my eyes.

" Miranda I just let it go okay? Travis is in love can't you see? He finally found someone he loves after three whole years.  Please don't take any drastic decisions." He said foolishly.

I faked a smile and walked out on him.

Now I get where Travis got his cowardice from.

In my world business is business. Is either you're weak or strong , successful or lucky.

I'm a business tycoon and I don't need a commoner to come ruin anything .

I need a union with a business company who can add value to my business.

 ✌️ Travis Williamson ✌

I groan softly and open my eyes. Kellie was sleeping peacefully in my arms 

I smiled and pecked her cheek before getting outta bed.

I wore something before walking outta the room and headed towards the kitchen.

The maids bow to me as I walked into the kitchen, the chef kept staring at me awkwardly.

" Don't worry  Rocky I'll take it from here." I smiled and he moved back.


After preparing breakfast I went back upstairs with the meal.

Kelly was up already.

" Good morning 🌞 sunshine." I smiled and placed the tray besides her.

" Good morning.hmm yummy." She chuckle and tired to seat up but groan in pain.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I rushed to her aid .

" Yeah don't worry am okay." She lied.

" Am sorry okay ?" I said and picked up the cutlery and began to feed her.



  1. Wicked woman trading her son happiness with busines. Thank you writer

  2. Omg which kind of mother does that

  3. This kinda business minded tycoon that even happiness doesn't matter to herπŸ˜’πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜Ώ

  4. Omg What type of mother is that



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