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{ In love with my nanny }

⭕ EPISODE 61 ⭕


I felt pain in between my thighs as he moved into me. I bit my lips to fight back the tears that was threatening to fall down.

"Wait! Are you a virgin ?" He asked with

I nodded and looked away shyly.

"Am so sorry 😢 baby I didn't know." He said and tried to move outta me but I cling onto him .

" No don't stop." I mumbled.

" Am sorry love I promise not to ever be the reason for your tears." He said and moved into me tenderly.

At first I felt great pain but slowly my body began to adjust to it.

He bent over and kisses me roughly before biting my earlobes teasingly.

Soon I felt my walls tighten around him and something came outta me.

He stopped moving and we stayed that way.

" I love you." He said as he stared at me intensely..

" I love you too." I managed to say.

He rolled over and fell to the other side of the bed before pulling me to him.

He planted a kiss on my shoulder before cuddling up with me.
I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Gush my Virginal hurts alot.

He stood up and carried me in bridal style. I buried my head on his shoulder as he carried me  to the bathroom.

He placed me in the jacuzzi tub and mixed a bath .

We had our bath together before taking me back to the room.

He cleared up the stained sheets and placed new ones.

We stayed up in bed wiled up in each other's arms.

"Promise me." He spoke breaking the silence.

" What?" I asked faintly.

" Promise me that my mom won't ever be the reason  you would hate me.", He muttered Dryly.

He had this expressionless face on.

" I promise no one will ever come in between us not even your mother." I mumbled.

He pecked my hair and entwined our fingers.

" I love you." He placed a kiss on our entwined fingers.

" I love you even more." I cooed.

"Rest up my dear you'll need it." He said and closed his eyes.

I  stared at his face. He looked so innocent and handsome even in his sleep.

No matter what happens I will always stand by him, protect him if necessary , love him and defend him.

" I know deep down you still miss your wife,  and somehow in grieve. Maybe that's why I came into your life to take all your pains away." I whisper into his ear and peeked his forehead before closing my eyes too.



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