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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 58

💄 Kellie Harrison 💄

I walked towards the bathroom Nd took a shower.

Travis's mom left shamelessly. To see am disappointed is an understatement.

Did she seriously think I was with Travis because of his money?

Hello no i love him and not even his mom can take that away.

I don't care if he has three kids. Just my love for him matters .

Travis is a sweet loving person, he is hard as a rock outside but soft on the inside.

I went towards my closet and wore something comfortable before putting on a jacket..

I need to go for a walk right now to cool my head..

Left the mansion and hit the road. Am gonna walk all the day to the park.

✖ Travis Williamson ✖

Work today is something else. I really wanted to finish up on time and go home to meet Kelly.

All the day long at the meeting, thoughts of her filled my memories.

I think I can do without her .

She's a stubborn person but I still love her for that.

I did all my work and cleared my desk. My assistant will handle the rest.

I picked up my blazer and car keys before walking outta my office.


I parked my car outside my mansion and walked towards the entrance.

The maids bow to me immediately.
I smiled and signaled them to stand straight.

" ERM sir your Mother was here earlier." One of the maids announced and I stopped dead on my track.

" who came here?" I asked again.

"Mrs Williamson was here earlier to see young Miss Kellie." She said and my heart skipped a beat.

Oh no this is not good . mom coming to my house Is a reason.

I just hope Kellie doesn't fall into her trap.

"Where's kelly now?" 

" she's out at the moment." 

"Okay thanks you get back to work."  I dismissed her and went upstairs.




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