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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 57


I slowly my eyes and blinked rapidly.
It was morning already and I had the most beautiful night rest.

I glanced at the other side of the bed but it was empty. I smiled to myself when I remembered all that went down.  It was empty.

I guess he got out of bed earlier.
He had the chance to take advantage but he didn't.

"Good morning princess" I heard his voice from the door.

" good morning." I smiled. He bent down and gave me a brief kiss.

"I'll be leaving now, I've some important conference today." He said as he placed a tray beside me.

It was my breakfast.

Gush he looks so hot in the gray tuxedo.

"Do you really have to go now??" I whined like a child.

" am sorry babe but I've to go. Be back before you know I t." He kissed my forehead and stood up.

" promise? " I pouts childishly.

" yeah I promise now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.I'll be on my way now bye." He smiles and walked toward the door.

Seriously I can't get enough of his face.


I laid on my bed playing turbo with my phone when I a knock landed on my room door.

"Come in the door ain't locked." I murmured.

The door clicked open and one the maids walked in before Mrs Williamson followed suit.

I stood up immediately . what does she want now?

"Good day Ma'am." I greeted.

"You may leave." She dismissed the maid.

She examined the room and sat down on the couch.

" hmm I see my son is taking good care of you.  For a nanny you should be grateful." She said proudly .

"ERM I don't really understand you ma'am."

"Name your price girl any amount for you to leave my son's life ." she said with a serious face..

Wait!! Is she trying to buy my feelings for her son? 

"Huh??  What do you mean ma'am ."

She brought out a cheque and placed it on the glass table In my room.

 I picked it up And take a look it at it...

" that's all yours if you agree to leave my son ." she said proudly.

My anger was slowly rising.

I tore the cheque immediately.

" am sorry ma'am but my integrity can't be bought same thing goes to my love for your son." I said angrily.

She was stunned.


  1. What kind of mother are you mrs williamson? A mother who don't care for her son's happiness is that one a mother?

  2. Has this woman gone nuts or something 🤷



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