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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 56


Damn that was brutal. Her body is so irresistable, and her virginal taste great.

I don't how things got so naughty between us. I held her closer with her back against me.

I decided to tease her more by sliding my fingers under the Duvet and located her pant And fingered her  with the fabric.

Her moans are like music to my ears. 

I bit her earlobe teasingly as her moans sent vibrations to my little man.

I made her cum Again before carrying her outta bed in bridal style to the bathroom.

I mixed a bath and took off my shorts as we both stayed in the jacuzzi ....
.she couldn't look me straight up  in the face.

" I love you." I said and move her hair backwards.

She stared at me unable to say a word . 

'Its okay you don't have to say anything." I smiled and took in my bottom lip.

We stayed in the tub for awhile and got out before using the shower together.

I wore one the bathrobe and she wore her pjs .

I still wanna sleep beside her and I did..

We ended cuddling with each other...

"Why me?" She spoke up in between my legs .

"That's because you're unique and special, every little thing about you is precious." I pinched her nose playfully.

She giggled like a child.

"But what say if I say I only like you but don't love you yet?"

"I'll wait dear , you're worth waiting."

I planted a kiss on her forehead before closing my eyes....

And for the first time since two years . I actually slept peacefully.

We held each other and slept on each other's arms.

To me its just a perfect beginning for both of us..

I'm not giving up on making her love me back.

A smile curved my lips while sleeping.

She sleeps like a child and that's what I seriously love about her.




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