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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 55


I don't get why his touch always has effects on me.

I turned around nervously and laid face to face with him.

He's so damn cute its gonna be hard for anyone to resist his Charms. His pointed nose and smooth cheeks is so adorable.

I was about trailing my fingers around his cheeks when his open a nd kept staring at each other..

He his deverted to my lips and so he kissed me .
 I responded to the kiss Immediately as I gave him access to my mouth.

He held on to me and rolled over, now he's on top as we kept kissing.

It was getting So intense as he planted kisses all over my face down to my neck.

He suck on my neck pretty hard leaving hickeys all over my neck.

He slowly more down the hands of my dress and kiss my tits before sucking on them.

I fondle with his curly hair as I moan softly.

He further moved to my tummy and trailed kisses on my tummy teasing my belly botton.

This Time my moans came out pretty loud. I was dripping wet already.

He brought his hand to my v and teased my clit before sliding in a finger.

I closed my eyes as it sent sensational feeling all over my body.

My whole body had become so hot , he removed the finger and doubled it.

Damn am so tight. It was abit painful with two of his fingers but soon enough my p**y adapted to it.

My moans had become much loud as he finger f**ked me.

He moved his face in between thigh and teases my clit with his tongue,  I almost jumped when he did that.

He held on to my thighs pretty tight as he suck on my V gush the feeling is outta this world.

I could feel my orgasm building up gush the pleasure from this was so much for me I almost splashed it on his face.

He move up smiling as he'd made me cum.
 I saw his burge through his trouser I knew instantly that he was so hard.

He wanted laying down but I stopped him.

Finish what you started" I whispered even though am scared for its my first time.

"No dear I'll be just fine." He smiled and laid down staring me 

" hmm okay then ." I said and covered my half naked body with the duvet I was shy .

He pulled me to him and pressed kisses on my neck.

My *ss rocked his hard on.



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