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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 54


What was I thinking? I'm sure I'll not be able to look Kellie in the eyes.

My feelings just came out and I doubt if she'll ever talk to me .

I wanted trying to clear the air but she misunderstood me.

She thinks I said it to save her from mom but I didn't .

I said it out loud because that's what I really felt.

She got outta the car and hurrily walked into the mansion ignoring my calls.

I sigh sadly and walked into the mansion.

The diner has been set already.
But its gonna be tasteless without Kelly.

I took the stairs upstairs to her room .

Am gonna clear the air between us. I opened the door and walked into her room.

She laid down on her bed cuddling her pillow with her eyes closed.

I know she isn't sleeping .

"Kelly??" I called and sat down beside her bed and turned her over. 

Oh my gosh she has tears in her eyes which means she has been crying .

She opened her eyes sadly and tried to act like its okay but am not buying that shit.

"Do you need anything?" She mumbled 

" yes I need my Kelly back."I said and wipe off the tears in her eyes.

She didn't say anything instead she kept staring at me.

" don't get it all wrong princess. I'm in love with you and its the truth. Don't hurt yourself unnecessary." I said and kissed her for a brief moment.

" no am fine you don't have claim to love me outta pity." She sigh sadly.

" what are you saying kel? You know what am so tired and I wanna sleep beside you today."I said and took off my shirt .

Her cheeks had turned red when she saw my bare body...

I crawled into bed and laid beside her facing the other side.

I noticed she still shuttered. I turn and pulled her to me.
"Relax okay am here now." I whispered into her ear and cuddled up with her.

I love her and that's the fact I don't care if she thinks am lying.



  1. Wow of course you two are in love. This is the best decision. Thank you wonderful writer

  2. Wow ! Am happy for u guys. Thumb up author

  3. Hmmmm OK

    Hope ur kids accept her

  4. Why won't they accept her, she having been taking care of them as her own

  5. Awww...Ivy gonna be happy



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