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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 53


okay okay what the f is going on here? I don't think I heard well .

The looks on my face was way beyond shock.

Did he just say he is in love me?

" what are you saying son? You're not in your right Senses." She panic and tried touching his face but he slowly pull away.

"Am in my right senses mom the sooner you accept the better.bye. let's go kel " he dragged me along with me outside.

I still can't believe he said that loud. 

But what if he was saying the truth? Could it be?

What was I thinking? I'm sure I'll be able to look Kellie in the eyes.

We got into the car and drove back to his mansion .

Through the drive to his mansion we both stayed in an uncomfortable silence.

I feel like am gonna die soon if he does not say anything.

* listen Kelly I..." But I foolishly cut him off.

" no no I get it you had to lie to your mom so she can let me be." I blurted out ..

This is so humiliating.

He sigh sadly and looked away.

I got outa the car first and hurrily walk towards the exit.

"Kel wait!" I heard is voice but I didn't stop , I raced upstairs to my  room and locked myself in 

Finally some privacy.
I sigh Nd slumped on my bed.

Why does it hurt? I feel like fool right now .

Do I also have feelings for him ?
Maybe I do have feelings for him but I know he can't be mine so just gonna stop catching feelings...

I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my face.

This is so crazy. 

Catching feelings for boss. You can do it kel . I kept assuring myself.

Ended up cuddling with my pillow.



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