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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 52


All through the ride to my parents house i couldn't take my eyes off her.

God she's so beautiful and elegant. I barely recognized her even though she wasn't wearing any make up.

I feel like kissing her all over.

Control yourself davis 
I drove into my parents mansion and parked my car behind a Bugatti.

I got outta the car first and quickly went over to her side and opened the door for her.

"Thank you." She smiled beautifully tryna blow my mind.

I held her as walked towards the entrance together.

"Guess who's home ." mom cooed the moment she saw me and give me a hug.

"Hi mom.have missed you "I smiled.

"Yeah ofcourse you miss your mom. " she adjusted her reading glasses.

Her eyes landed on kellie.

"Yeah of course I did where's dad?"I asked .

She was seriously staring at Kelly in an irritating manner..

"And who are you if i may ask?" She said dryly.

"Mom this is..."she signaled me to stop talking.

"Hello ma'am I'm Kellie Harrison." Kelly smiled nervously.

" oh I see. Where are you from? Do you.know he has three children? He is a widower?" Mom started questioning her.

"Mom please stop this shit of course she knows all of this." I defended her.

" I can't stop , think is I know girls like her. They're so desperate to cling to a man with so much money " she glared and I could tell kellie was really hurt by her word.

"You know what maybe I should go, I never wanted to come but he insisted." Kel smiled and I became weak.

" you ain't going anywhere kel if you go I go." I said with so much superiority.

" what's the meaning of this ?can't you see she's a commoner with no class and no baground." Mom triee to touch my face but I jerked it off.

" well it might please to know am in love with that commoner, she made  me and my kids happy always and am not ready to let go of her simply because you said so." I spill the bean and Kelly stares at me in shock.

" wait what did you just say?" She asked .




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