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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 51


" wake up little earthling ,iys morning already." I heard Travis's voice in my head.

" no please just a little more." I held to my blanket. I really want to sleep abit.

" alright then your wish is my command." He said and stood up i guess he left..

I jumped outta bed when something cold landed on me.

"I'm up ! I'm up!" I yelled feeling sleepy..

"I thought you wanted to sleep more?" He mocked me.

"Good morning." I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand.

"Morning to you too. Here have this ,get dressed we're going to see my family." He says and pass on a gift bag.

"Wait! This is too sudden why take me along? You can still go with me. I know my attention won't be needed over there." I complained.

" i get to decide who I go out with now get dressed we leave in 30 secs." He winked and left my room.

Why does have to act like fish.

I smiled and brought out the content in the bag.

I almost passed out. This are real expensive shits .
Latest trends In fashion nova now i get to try one on.

Nah this has to be  a dream.
I dropped it on my bed and walked towards the bathroom.


I came out my hair was dripping wet had to get it all dried up with a hand dryer.

After that , I gave it some bouncy curls and packed it up in a ponytail.

It took me three minutes blabbering before I finally decided to put on the gown.

It cling against my skin revealing my curves.

Damn I look like a model in this.
I slide my feet into the black stilettos and picked up the clutch.

I hope and not over dressed. I look my reflection one more time before walking outta my room.

Travis was by the staircase patiently waiting for me as he kept glancing at his watch.

"We're running late." He slowed down when he saw me coming.

His mouth was wide open as he staring at me like am gonna disappear.

"ERM let's go.'i tried to ease the tension.

"Y..yss..yes let's go " he stammered as he took my hand and led me outta the mansion.

His eyes never left my body.



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