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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 49


swears I blushed when he says me.

"Huh? Why?' I Asked.

She kept staring at then his eyes landed on my lips. What is he thinking now?

"That question I don't have the answer to. " he tuck a strand of my hair behind and brushed his soft palm against my face.

Gush this is so awkward right now.
He brought his face closer to mine with our nose sliding against each other.

He slowly took my lips into his small pink lips .

I thought he wasn't gonna kiss me.  This time my hands found it way to his neck as kissed passionately before pulling away..

It was a brief kiss.

"It's time to go.home kel ." he stood up and stretched forth his hand which I took..

."yeah I'm tired."I mumbled trying to hide the embarrassment on my cheek and stood up ..

"Should I give you a piggy back ride?" He asked and I decline but he insisted on giving one.

He ended up carrying me on his back down to where the car was...

He knows how to keep the mood going.

Haven't seen anyone as romantic as he is.

The ride home was so awkward but I could tell he was stealing glances at me.

I took my bottom lip in and suck on it. I could smell his cologne all over me.

Finally we arrived at the mansion.
I got outta the car first and walked towards the entrance and a maid tried to bow to me but I stopped her.

I didn't bother waiting for him, i went straight to my room and took off my coat and slumped on the bed .

I touched my lips and smiled to myself.
What's up with you kel? Why is your heart beating so fast?

Do you feel something for your boss? I kept asking myself.

A smile cripped on my lips as I slept off.

I drove off to dream land immediately.

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