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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 47


I entered my room and jumped on the queen sized bed.
Glad thats over. I stood up And walked towards the bathroom .

Mr travis sure hae exquisite taste , the interior of the house is way beautiful.

I mixed a bath for myself and got it.


I stepped outta the bathroom with a Towel wrapped around my chest , it stopped on my mid thighs.

I went over to the bed and sat down observing the room. A knock landed on my door.

I muttered a come and the door push open only for my boss 

"Omg am so sorry."he apologize and left my room asap.

I chuckled and applied lotion on my body. 

I went downstairs after freshen up and changing my clothing.

Travis couldn't look at me in the eyes as he kept his eyes in a saver zone.

I was trying to control myself from bursting into laughter.

I really haven't seen this cute side of my boss before.

"Are you seriously gonna keep doing that?" I asked trying to be more serious.

His cheeks were so red with embarrassment.

" am sorry kellie I didn't know you ain't on clothes." He said apologetically.

"Relax okay ? I know you didn't do it delibrately." I explained but it seems I need to be more convincing.

"No I Can I feel you're angry at me for seeing your naked body." He shook his Head Dramatic 
Okay that's it I wasn't Gonna hold back my laugh anymore...

Gush he's a drama king.
He kept staring at his meal.

" look am sorry but its no big deal besides I covered body with a towel." I explained.
He sigh and looked up and our eyes met.

He's such a demi god...

He didn't say but just kept staring.




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