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{ He's cold hearted, she's Stubborn}..

Episode 45


Finally she'd accepted to go over to england with me.

And today is the day. I'd packed my luggage and gave it to the maids who took it to the car.

Also took my laptop and two spare phones. Plus some documents.

I walked towards the door and glance at my room once more.  I just hope I didn't forget anything.

Almost immediately Kellie walked out of her room with her luggage..

"Are you ready?" I asked .

"Ready when you're." She mumbled and struggled to carry her luggage.

I took it from her and gave it to the driver who placed it at the booth ..

The kids were by the car park waiting for us to come out.

"Am gonna miss you Kellie aunty." Ivy pouts childishly...

"I could stay if you want me to." Kelly said....

Okay what is she up to?

"Oh no am fine , I know how important this trip is for dad jeremy told me.' She said smartly and I felt relieved.

"Come over here baby girl." I smile as she ran into my arms and gave me a hug.

"Am gonna miss you too. Make sure you take care of her." She pecked my cheek.

"Alright kids gotta go now." I said and gave them a hug.

"Take good care of yourselves and Ivy too." I said and got into the car with Kellie.

"Bye!!" The kids waved.

The driver drove off .

At the airport , we'll be traveling on one of my cruisers.

Kellie's mouth was wide open when she found out we'll be traveling on my private jet..

"Are you sure I'll be able to complete this journey?" She said looking so naive...

" of course . let's go okay?" I smile and pulled her along into the jet....

In few minutes the plane was ready to take off and kellie seem to be scared....

I helped her fasten her seat belt and sat down opposite her.

She held on to the seat tightly with her eyes shut.

She was mumbling something to herself. I stood up and sat down beside her before entwining my fingers with hers.

"Relax okay? Am here for you." I said not letting go of her hand.

She nodded and slowly relaxed into my touch.

Even when she's scared she still look so cute ..
The plane took off immediately.

Off we go.

I made sure I took unaware shots of her.



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