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{ the glitch } 

⭕ EPISODE 100⭕


Just when things were about to become bright again Dex showed up.

He was pointing a gun at Travis who doesn't feel intimidated by it.

They both began to struggle for the gun. I almost jumped outta ny skin when I heard the gun shot.

Travis was the one holding the gun while Dex kept staring at him.

There was blood on Travis's shirt. 

 His eyes were so red. He glanced at me then to his hand which was covered with blood.

That was when I realized he was the one that got shot.

"Travis!!" I caught him in my arms right before he could fall.

He was badly wounded and was bleeding profusely.

"Oops I never meant to do that."Dex said trying to escape but unfortunately the cops were around.

"Not so fast young man." They caught him right before he could escape.

"Dad!!" The kids ran towards us . Travis layed in the pool of his blood as he couldn't say anything.

"Stay with me please?!" I panicked.


I was able to take him to the hospital with the help of my family.
Swears if anything happens to him am gonna kill him myself and I don't care if I go jail for that.

I hold ivy close to me as I silently pray he's okay.

Its been hours already and we're yet to get any info about him.

"Is daddy is gonna be alright?" Ivy asked innocently.

I sighed and stroke her hair.

"One thing I know for sure is that your dad is a fighter and he's gonna fight his way through." I picked her forehead.

Two more hours had passed still nothing. 

Ivy had slept off in Jeremy's thighs who seem to be lost.

"Relax okay I Have full faith he's gonna be fine." I smiled faintly and he nodded.

Jennie was dozing off.




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