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💯Badass Boys School💯

💥Imprison in a boys school💥

Episode 5

Zane seemed to know a lot about this school. In fact, he knew a bit 
too much. Zane was informed on everything, and practically everyone, in Harrison.

First: The rules. No, not the ones that were made to turn the boys into goody-two-shoes. The survival rules. You couldn't be naive; you couldn't seem vulnerable. That would turn you into the target for misdemeanors faster than FЯED could make the cat with rabies give Kevin rabies.

Second: Who you wanted or didn't want to hang with. Obviously, Zane told me that it would be best for me to be with him, Noah, and Adam. He told me that there was a group of guys at the school whom had been admitted for being extremely violent sexual assaulters. They were Blade Hernandez, Frank Kelly, and Axel Cooper. Just listening to Zane's stories about the trio sent chills up my spine.

Third: What to do when Mr. Harrison was around. If - and these were Zane's words, not mine - you want to get out of this hellhole, you had to act like a fucking angel whenever the headmaster was around. That would be easy as pie for me. Not to sound like a Mary-Sue, but none of us had doubts as to my behavior.

Fourth: Isolation. If you'd been doing too much badass stuff, Mr. Harrison and the other administrators placed you in isolation. Apparently, it was a room where it was virtually impossible to escape. You wouldn't be granted any privileges for as long as you were in there - possibly longer. 

When I asked how long a person would stay there for, he just shrugged and said, "Until you've been broken."

After the lesson, Zane sighed as he plopped down onto his bed. I glanced at my phone; 10:00. From reading the handbook on the way here, I knew that it was curfew.

"It's curfew," I stated, pushing a strand of hair out of my face. Zane, Noah, and Adam all stared at me.

"Yeah, for the people that actually are hard-core good kids. Geez, Drew, you don't have to be like that when Mr. Harrison isn't here," Adam teased. I knew what he meant by that - the fact that I am a hard-core good kid.

I shrugged and sat down on my bed. "So, what do you expect to do that won't get you caught?"

The boys exchanged glances. Noah walked over to me as one eyebrow rose.

"You wouldn't," I taunted.

"I would," Noah laughed. He pushed me onto my back and secured my wrist. Just as he was a few inches from my lips, I did something I'd never done to anyone before in my life.

I kneed him.

Noah groaned as he sank to the floor. Adam, Zane and I just pointed and laughed.

"Hey! That hurts!" Noah forced out.
"You really aren't an angel," Adam said between chuckles. I smirked.

We all must have underestimated the volume of our snickers. How do I know this? Mr. Harrison entered the room just as Noah finally stood up.

"Aren't you two supposed to be in your own dorm?" He narrowed his eyes at Noah and Adam. Mr. Harrison's voice kind of reminded me of James Earl Jones' voice - really deep.

Just as Zane had suggested earlier, Noah and Adam stand straight. 

They look naive enough to possibly convince the headmaster that they had no clue what was going on. If it hadn't been for Noah's grimace, they would've gotten away with it.

"Why do you look like you're in excruciating pain, Mr. Chang?" Man, did he get that exactly right! Noah hesitated. After all, it wouldn't be very good if I got in trouble my first day there!

"Um..." He searched his brain for an answer. "I tripped on the railing on the way to this room," he lied. 

Mentally, I gave him a round of applause.

Mr. Harrison deliberated this for a few moments. Eventually, he nodded and left the room. "You two better be in your rooms in the next minute or two," he added.

Once he was gone, Adam gave Noah a high five.

"Nice fib," Zane congratulated. I grinned. Noah shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Well, we should probably get going." After a short goodbye, two of my new friends left, leaving me and Zane alone.

We each took turns turning around as each of us changed into our pajamas. As I put on my purple cami and blue capris, I couldn't help but notice that Zane felt pretty agitated. I thought nothing of it, though.

Zane and I lay down in our beds. There was absolute silence in the air. At first, I thought he had fallen asleep already. Apparently not.
Just before I drifted off to sleep, I heard him mutter something:
"I'm glad you're here, Drew. It's only your first day, but I'm still glad," he whispered. Everything else that was detected in my mind for the rest of the night was just a dream.

A girl appeared. She looked awfully familiar to me. The problem was, I didn't know why I recognized her.

The teenager was traveling through a long corridor. I noticed these were exactly the same as the hallways at the Harrison Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquints. That was strange; after all, I was the only female adolescent at the school.

She reached a door. I watched as her aqua-sleeved shirt reached out for the knob. My eyes caught her biting her lip, tears collecting at the corner of her hazel eyes. Who was this girl? Where was she going? 

Why was she crying?

As the stranger stepped up the short staircase, I saw yet another door. She opened that one, revealing the bright light of the afternoon sun. Her mid-thigh-length shorts concealed a part of her legs from the sunlight. This girl was on the roof. What was she doing, crying on a roof as if she were depressed or something?

I stood by while the person took several steps. She paused once she reached the edge of the roof. We were three stories high, and she had the guts to stand at the very edge! What was she --

I gasped quietly as my brain realized the identity of the girl.
She was me. And I was about to 

My eyes flew open. Breathing sharply, I glanced all around the room. It was only a dream. Mentally, I laughed at myself. I was dreaming. I wasn't going to jump off the roof of the school!

Smiling, I looked over at Zane, who was sleeping peacefully. Well, almost peacefully, anyway. He seemed partially distraught over something. Something was giving him guilt during his sleep. My smile switched to a frown. That must be how Jin Yasir's killer must be sleeping.



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