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Episode 30


Please, Drew, don't come for me...
What the hell would that do? I was crunched up, practically in the fetal position, in Frank's closet. However he and his accomplices had gotten the banned duct tape in here didn't matter, as a band of the practically unbreakable material was wrapped around my wrists. Contrary to popular methods, said wrists were not bound behind my back. I could have pushed my way out of the closet, actually, had Frank not been leaning against the door. And even if I was able to escape, how could I warn anyone? The duct tape was across my mouth as well - at least they did one thing right in restricting me.

The only thing I could really do was hope. Hope that Drew wouldn't try to save me. But that wouldn't do shit. If I knew her at all, I knew that she would come, despite everything. Adam and Noah would try to stop her, but Drew was a determined, pure girl, above all else.
Please, Drew, don't come for me... I couldn't help but just mentally plead for something to block her path.

I heard (most likely, the three kidnappers did as well) a commotion coming from down the hallway.

"Sounds like our little princess-thief has arrived," Blade observes.

"Axel, be ready to get her," Frank orders. He then opens the closet door and crouches down to my level. "So tell me, Zane: did you tap that like us?" My eyes widened. 

That asshole. I knew I wasn't any better than him, but that's just not something you ask a person! "What a shame. I don't think she'll ever have an experience like she had with me," he whispered close to my ear.

Now, for all abducters in the making, here's a little advice: when you are tying up the victim, don't be a dumbass and keep their wrists in front of them. Frank's naivete allowed me to reach out and grab a fistful of his collar. I slammed the back of my right hand against the frame of the door, Frank's head following closely behind. He let out a short yelp, shortly losing his cold composure before regaining it.

"And here, I thought I was being generous," he remarks sarcastically, causing him to receive a glare from me. "I was about to fill you in on what you missed out on...Oh, well. Your loss." I was about to repeat the blow I had given him a few seconds earlier when Axel interrupted my train of thought.

"Frank, I don't hear her coming anymore," he points out cautiously.

Frank whips his head towards Axel before turning back towards me. 

"Oh, don't give me that gleam in your eye, Zane."

Well, I thought she had decided that it was best to just leave me - to save herself. I didn't care that I was now getting socked in the cheek for being happy about that. I just cared that she wouldn't get hurt just from associating with me.

That glee would soon diminish completely as soon as I heard Adam's voice.

"Drew!" we all heard him call. The sound was followed by a loud thump. It came from right outside the door. I see Frank turn back to facing Axel, giving a sideways gesture with his head. Axel obeys, opening the door to reveal Adam lying face down on top of Drew.

 Frank stands up and shuts me in the dark. All I can go by are the outbursts.

"Blade, get Drew! Now!" Frank commanded. 

Please, Drew. Just run...before he gets you.

There's another thump. I can tell by just that - as well as the sliver of her I can see throught the crack between the bottom of the closet door and the carpet - that Blade has her held on the ground. She's frozen. 

Please, Drew, come on...Get up, get out.

That was when Frank chose to explain his logic as to why she 'deserves' what she's gotten. "He was the closest person to me! You took him away from me! You killed him! You're the one who was fucked up enough to take the life of someome who actually meant something to another, but didn't mean shit to you!" That was when it really hit me: he thought she killed his uncle, Jin Yasir. Everybody did. 

And they were all forgetful idiots for it. Unbeknownst to himself, he was describing me, not her.

Before I could think of a way to talk him out of his fucked up thoughts, Frank ripped open the closet and snatches me from the floor and wrapped his arm like a vice around my neck. The grip was tight, but he wasn't strangling me yet, and his pair of arms didn't seem like they were in the position to snap my neck.

That was when I got to see Drew. I could see the apology in her blue eyes. I just had fear in mine. Fear for her.

Please, Drew, I thought. Why did you come for me?



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