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Episode 29

(Note: This is from Zane's perspective - now we get to go back in time to right after his and Drew's little falling out after she got out of Isolation)

As I watched her retreating figure speed into the dorm building, an intense rage came over me. It wasn't necessarily at her - she hadn't done shit. So obviously, I was pissed at myself and myself only.

Turning to the tree I had hidden behind while waiting for Drew to come out of Isolation, I raised my right fist and rammed it into the bark. The bark tore the skin over my knuckles as they were dragged across the brown, rugged surface. 

The flesh that, two seconds before, had looked so normal was now red with blood and pulsing with pain. 

My black hair ran over my vision, barring me from seeing what was around me.


I didn't want to see what surrounded me; Drew wasn't there. She wasn't there to yell at me for being a dumbass. She wasn't there for me to hold. She never would be now. I had ruined my one chance at being happy in a long time.

Though, when you think about it, I didn't deserve that. I didn't deserve pleasure. I had taken a life and contributed little bliss to anyone else's. Especially not Drew's. Sure, I had kept her from committing suicide via jumping off of the roof. 

But wasn't I the indirect cause of that?


That's what Jin Yasir said to me after I beat the crap out of his damn nephew. That's what he told my mom after she would complain over and over about her life with me and my dad - with everyone, actually.
She was his secretary as well as one of his closest friends. They had known each other since college and had been each other's 'advisors,' in a sense.

So it was fitting that he ended up being the one who just went and told Mom that there was no point being around when everyone made her so miserable. That asshole had said a lot of things that brought my family pain over the years, but that was the one statement that made him cross my personal line.

What came after, Drew now knows.
The way I saw it at the time, Jin deserved what I had coming for him. He caused my mom to overdose, and I made him pay for it. 

But apparently, the evidence I left behind didn't lead the investigators to my door. No, they didn't even question the anti-social son of the victim's dead friend. Instead, they decided that the other loner was much more likely to have done it.

"She didn't do anything to deserve this," I say aloud as the blood from my knuckles drips onto my shoelaces.

A voice behind me disagreed. "Oh, she sure as hell did," Frank laughed.

I whirled around to face him, whipping my hair out of my face. "How?" I demanded.

"She killed my uncle, remember?"
So he believed them, too. Who doesn't anymore? "No, she didn't."

"Yes, she did!"

"No, Drew didn't do shit!" I spat at him. She was the only one at the school who hadn't done anything that justified her being admitted. 

"You take that back or I'll beat the crap out of you. I've done it before."

A smirk appeared on his face. Suddenly, two pairs of hands grabbed my forearms and restrained me from kicking his ass. 

"Maybe you could hold that off for a bit. You're not the one I want, anyway."

Before I could say anything else, one of the four hands on my arms released its grip. I assumed that it was instead what was used to collide an unseen object to that pressure point at the bottom of my head that only my parents knew about - well, since Mom must have mentioned it to Jin Yasir, they weren't the only ones. This caused everything to go instantly black.

I couldn't move.
I couldn't see.
I couldn't fight.
I couldn't scream.

But I could feel the removal of my guitar necklace, given to me by Mom before know.

"This will be perfect bait." Frank's voice was just barely audible in my state of consciousness. I also heard the faint sound of paper being moved. "She'll definitely come."

And so, once again, I would cause Drew pain just by association.



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