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Episode 28

As I ran out of the door, pulling Adam along behind me, I resisted the urge to look back at Alex's face. 

He deserved it - at least, he did in my mind - but no matter how you put it, payback's a bitch. To anyone who gets it. Plus...I still...

I was within reach of the door. I still had to go in there. How much time had we wasted, what with my attempts to recruit Adam and Noah to this rescue and then having to reunite with my ex boyfriend. How much time did we have left? Was there any time left at all?


I hadn't realized that I had suddenly froze in front of the door. Adam shouted my name just as he crashed into my back. We fell forward and I thought my face was going to collide with the door to that room. However, I was mistaken. 

Apparently, we - and by we, I mean Adam - had been loud enough to alert at least one of the three boys of our prescence. The tan door opened during our descent, causing me to faceplant onto the floor, being crushed by the average weight of my accomplice.

"So, you finally decided to show up," the voice said.


It had been so long since I had heard that ass's voice - did I really forget the sound of his snarky, snarly remarks?

Grunting, I pushed myself up and Adam off. "Yeah," I breathed, my eyes frantically searching the room for Zane. There wasn't any sign of him. "Where the hell is Zane?"

"Oh, you want to know where your little boyfriend is," Axel chuckled. He began to take a step to the side until Frank whipped his head to his right and glared.

"You move, you regret." What happened to 'You move, you die?'

My eyebrows furrowed as my eyes glanced back at Adam, who nodded in agreement. I took a few steps towards Axel. It was easy to tell that he wanted to stop me before I could reach him, but he didn't want to...regret. I knew I was pushing the envelope the closer I got, but I had to test my theory.

Of course, it was a very stupid place to hide a teenager like Zane - behind someone with Axel's physique. was worth a shot!

"Blade, get Drew. Now!" Frank commanded.

No! I took the last three necessary steps in Axel's direction. He lifted his arm to hit me, but I was faster than him. I pushed him aside to see what was behind him.

"Damnit!" I screamed when I saw the empty corner. Now I was absolutely infuriated, even if I didn't expect Zane to be there.

Blade took this as an opportunity to tackle me to the ground. He held himself over me. His body trapped me, rendering me virtually incapable of escaping.

It was just like last time. The memories returned to my conscious, playing through my mind once again.

I shut down. I gave up. Fighting wouldn't solve anything - it didn't last time. Why would it this time? Whatever they planned on doing: raping me, torturing me, killing me...resistance wouldn't do anything.

"That's right, Drew. You'll end just like my uncle did," Frank growled as Blade sat up on my stomach. When I looked over at Frank, I noticed that Axel had ran over to Adam and had him in an armlock. We were screwed, and we still didn't know where Zane even was.

Wait a second...

"Uncle?" I repeated.

In a matter-of-fact voice, he confirmed this. "Jin Yasir is my uncle, yeah. At least, he was. Thanks to you," he accused.

And I thought that I had gotten a break from facing the least until I got out of Isolation. Why did this lie keep coming back to get me when I didn't even do it! Zane

I watched as Frank went into a cursing tirade. "He was the closest person to me! You took him away from me! You killed him! You're the one who was fucked up enough to take the life of someone who actually meant something to another, but didn't mean shit to you!" Tears began to well up in his eyes. But they quickly vanished as a psychotic grin deformed his mouth.

Whirling around, Frank grabbed something from the closet that was on the wall behind him. I heard the door slam shut as the muffled cries filled the room. He pulled out a tied up Zane and held his arm at Zane's throat, ready to either snap his neck or strangle him at any given moment..


His eyes held fear, but I was not sure for whom it was for. We locked gazes, and I tried to apologize as silently but clearly as possible.
"And now, you will suffer just like I have - if not more so, you murderous bitch!"



  1. Frank you are mistaken. She is not the murderer but i don't think you will be able to kill Zane. Thank you my author


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