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Episode 27

Alex gave me that goofy smirk I remembered him flashing me so many times. That face used to make me melt, but now I just felt nervous. Anxiety boiled up inside of me; I was ready to blow up and bitch at thim like I so badly wished to that day months ago. Did I want to ask how he was? Was I absolutely horrified by his presence?

Or...was I actually happy to see him?

There was an uncomfortable silence in the dorm room that just might belong to Alex. But even with no audible sounds, everyone's expressions spoke loudly enough gor themselves. My ex-boyfriend had that look of 'I miss you, but I don't want to look like a sissy about it.' Adam was giving Alex the angriest glare I had ever seen. I felt nice knowing that he hadn't forgotten our conversation from my first day at Harrison. Then I felt slightly confused because I had no clue what the hell my face conveyed.

And I wasn't the only one; Noah was just plain lost. He was staring at his roommate with the most questioning - and amusing - expression he had ever worn around me.

"Who's Alex?" he asked. After pointing at Alez and seeing the nods Adam and I responded with, he had a new question. Adam, even while nodding, did not release my ex-boyfriend from his narrow angry stare. So, I could tell what Noah would ask him. "Adam, why are you looking at him like you looked at Frank after he -"

"Shush it!" Adam and I shouted at him. Alex could not know. I did not, under any circumstance, want Alex know about Frank, Blade and Axel.

However, Alex didn't feel the same. 

"Who's Frank?" He then turned to face me, showing at least some concern in his eyes. "What did he do to you, Drew?"

I glanced over at Adam. We weere taking way to damn long. Zane was most likely in the dorm just two doors down - we needed to go!

"I'll tell you later, Alex - we have something that we really have to do. 

It's important." My head turned to the left so I could see Noah. 'Don't let him leave,' I mouthed. Although he was still confused out of his mind, his lips formed the word 'sure.'

Adam made a gesture to me to signal our exit. He walked towards the door of Alex's room and opened it. I started to follow him, but a hand grabbed my wrist with a strangling grip. I gulped - he had done it the same way he had the day before I came here.

"Where are you going?" demanded Alex impatiently.

Wrenching my arm out of his grasp, I took a deep breath and slowly faced him. We were wasting time, and I was really getting sick of it.

"Let the fuck go," I snarled, even adding a growl to my order. His confident, familiar eyes widened in shock as he let me walk out the door.



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