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Episode 26

I would be able to deal with that later. After all, if I waited to see him until I decided whether I truly loved him or not, it might be too late.

 Breathing deeply and slowly, I got to my feet and put on a face that said, "I know what I'm doing and I'm totally confident in it," even though everything my face said was a complete lie.

"Drew..." Adam and Noah said with concern in their voices.

You know, it is getting a little bit annoying: people worrying over me all the time. "We need to help Zane," I told them sternly.

"But --" Adam began.

"No buts. If we think about it for much longer, we won't get to save him," I explained. "Let's go."

I could tell the boys were having second thoughts. They weren't alone; I myself was fighting the urge to continue pondering the rescue.! No more self-contradicting, Drew! Go and fucking help Zane, and then make your choice!

Nodding to my friends, I turn and run back into the school. For the trillionth time since coming here, I sprint with them down the still familiar hallways that would eventually lead to the room that belonged to those assholes.

What the hell was it that they had against me? This question was one that was prominent in my head as Noah, Adam and I sped. Why was it 
me that Frank, Blade and Axel were obsessed with? Was it because I was a girl? Was it because of the people I was associated with? Was it because of my innocence when I first arrived? Was it because of Zane?

When we were practically at our destination, I started to slow down slightly. As I did, a hand reached out from an opening door that we were passing by. I was pulled into a room that looked much like the room that Zane and I share, as well as Noah's and Adam's room and the room that has an infamous reputation throughout the school. Whoever disrupted my mission didn't close the door behind him, so Noah and Adam came in instantly.

"What is the meaning of this? We're kind of in the middle of something here!" I growled.

"First, you have to tell me why you keep running down here all the time." That voice - I'd heard it before. Who was it?

"Well, because Frank and his posse won't stop doing bad things to us," Noah explained to the boy. 

Apparently, nobody ever told the school what happened a couple of months ago.

"What are they doing?"

"That's personal."

"Well, you guys continuously disrupt things down at this part of the school, and I want to know why."

I huffed loudly. This was taking way too long. If other students in the boarding school didn't know what those three had done, then I wouldn't tell them at this point in time. Especially when time isn't of the essence.

"I'll tell you after we finish disrupting things," I said angrily. Before whoever this guy was could stop me, I started back towards the door. 

But what the male said next made me stop dead in my tracks - figuratively, of course.

"Drew, I want to know what they've done to you that's worse than what I did."

Recognition went through my brain. It was him. He was the one who cheated on the whore next door.  He was the one who caused me to choose to come here. He was the one who was the only one back home - besides Zane, but that's different - who was certain of my innocence.

I had been so pissed off at him for so long. However, now, when the opportunity arose for me to give him a tirade about the cherry he put on the sundae of what could arguably the worst months of my life...I couldn't. I just couldn't muster enough anger to yell at him. All of it was still focused on Frank, Blade and Axel.

I whirled around to face him - to really face him - for the first time since we broke up. In doing so, my eyes met with Adam's. I remembered confessing my heartbreak to Adam. Maybe that was why I wasn't angry at the boy when I spoke his name.



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