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Episode 25

"That necklace," I breathed while I panted heavily. "I know that necklace."

It was Zane's. It had always been Zane's. Even before I started talking to him, when we were back at out high school and avoiding one another, it was Zane's. When people asked him where he had gotten it, he never confessed.

People probably thought he'd stolen it or something.

But he never took that thing off! No matter what, nobody ever discovered a time when that chain and pendant couldn't be found around his neck.

So why was it off?

I knew the answer - I just didn't want to admit it. He never would have taken off willingly. Someone must have forced him to. Someone who knew that a certain someone would find it and know who it belonged to. Someone who knew that that would piss that certain someone off.

Well, that certain someone was pissed. That someone was now out for blood. I had to hurry.

As I lifted the piece of jewelry and stuck it in the pocket of my jeans, I noticed a piece of red paper on the gravel beneath it. It was blood red.
Frank. Frank wrote this. I knew it before I unfolded it five times.

Just great. I got out of Isolation today. I got over those notes I received from that dick - ha, not really. Now I have to see another one?

The note was in the same style as the ones from over a month ago.

📩Dear Drew,

If you want the boy who should've ducked, come to the room where we fucked.

With revengeful thoughts,

Frank Kelly📩

This was too much. It was just too much to take in for one day. Not just one day: the day I got out of Isolation for emotional problems.

Let's look at the different events that have taken place today:
First, Zane told me that I've known him all along, but didn't know I knew.

Second, Zane told me that he participated in the murder that landed me here.

Third, Zane didn't come back to our room.

Fourth, I found his necklace with a blood red note. Do you know how hard it is to keep myself from cutting my wrist with that thing? Do you know how hard it is to remember everything that color symbolizes for me?

Fifth, I read the note. That really doesn't need much of an explanation.

One of my senses detected a hand on my shoulder. Whirling around on the balls of my feet, I noticed that it was just Noah. Adam stood behind him. I just noticed this now, but those two are always like a tag team; they were never apart.

"Drew? Are you okay?" asked Noah. He glanced down at my hand and at the necklace in my pocket. He gingerly lifts the note out of the death grip my skinny fingers are giving it. The two of them read it.

"...the room where we fucked," Adam read aloud. I also just noticed this now: that may have been the first time I'd heard him swear. "Drew, do you think he means --"

"Their room," I answered. "Come on, we have to go!"

"Wait," both of them said as I turned to speed to the building in which Frank, Blade and Axel resided. What was wrong with them? Didn't they want to save Zane? Didn't they want to help out the boy that was their best friend? I asked them these questions.

"Think about it for a second, Drew: you've saved him so many times, and what has he done?" Noah began. "He was the one who got you here in the first place - the place you've been praying to get out of since you walked through the front doors! And you still want to help him? Are you that stupid?"

"Well --"

This time Adam spoke, sternly, not allowing me to finish. "Plus, Frank instantly believes that you'll come straight for Zane the second you've read this letter." He holds up the paper. "It's better to mess with his head as much as possible."

Suddenly, fury started to build up inside of me. How could they say such things? No matter what Zane'd done, he was still their best friend. He was still my boyfriend. Yes, he had murdered someone - maybe even multiple people. 

But...But...Zane...he...Zane's not...he saved my life, but...that changes nothing...he was still...

I couldn't take this anymore. Panic filled every pore of my skin, every millimeter of my brain. My breathing quickened. My throat closed up. 

Tears blocked my vision.

This was just too much. And my mind was overloading.

You love him don't you? But he's a killer. He might be a serial killer. He could do the same to you someday.

 At the same time...look how much he has done for you. Even by commiting a crime and a sin, he brought you to a place where you could find friends. He saved you from jumping off of that roof. 

However, that could just be his game to pull you in. He's untrustworthy. Look at all the secrets he's kept from you. It doesn't matter that he listens to you, that he cares. It --

"Stop it! Just stop it! Shut up!" I screamed, listening to my voice crack under the tension. I fell to the pathway of tiny rocks and buried my head into my knees. The outline of the guitar pendant dug into my upper thigh, and the stones were poking at the back of my pants, but I didn't give a crap anymore. The tears that blocked my sight just moments before soaked through my jeans. My breaths was loud and deep; somebody could probably hear it all the way from the other side of the school, but I didn't give a crap anymore.

My mind was about to implode from all of the fighting thoughts clashing inside as I sobbed. I blocked out the rest of the world and just cried. Were Adam and Noah talking to me? Were they trying to comfort me? I couldn't tell. I didn't pay any attention to the words or the inflictions of their voices.

I hate you...
But I love you.

Which one do I feel more?


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