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💯Badass Boys School💯

💥Imprison in a boys school💥

Episode 17

My feet froze in front of my olive-green door. What was Zane doing inside of our dorm room? The more important question would be: What was he feeling? Was he okay? I knew he was going to be very irascible. After all, I was going to be gone for one whole month. The main reason why I was going was because I hadn't told any of my friends what was wrong with me. If I had confessed to them before attempting to commit suicide, then it may have been possible for me to stay with them instead of being sent to Isolation for thirty days.

But I'd be in there until just before the last day of the school year. I had arrived at the beginning of March, and I would be in Isolation from the end of May until the end of June. 

How strange...once I was freed from the reformatory school's holding facility, I would be freed from the school for two months. 

Well, that is, unless the investigators of Jin Yasir's death finally realize that I was not the one responsible.

In my thoughts, I had almost forgotten that I was still standing oustide of the dorm. My right arm lifted itself. As my knuckles pounded lightly against the painted wood, the sleeve of my yellow-green long sleeved shirt fell back slightly, revealing my wrist. A soft gasp escaped my lips. Numerous red lines decorated my skin. They were grouped in threes - resembling the three blades on the razor I had used. Flashing back to the memories of the pain of those cuts caused me to bite down on my lip with a lot of force.

"Come in," Zane's voice welcomed. His words were meant to be welcoming, but his voice was far from it. It was as if he was madder than I had expected.

Breathing deeply, I pushed the door open. Honestly, when I imagined what Zane would look like once I entered, I had thought he would be just sitting in his bed, as he always did. Instead, he was standing right beyond the doorway. His short brown hair was messed slightly, as it usually was. His aqua eyes were filled with so many emotions that I couldn't decipher them all.

"Zane," I whispered. He glared at me. I glanced down at the floor before entering the room. Once I was in the middle of our dorm room, Zane leaned against the wall, arms crossed, staring at me with angry eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing," he said sarcastically. 

"You almost killed yourself today, you have been being harassed by the asshole that previously raped you, you haven't been telling us anything, and, as of tomorrow, you'll be in Isolation - the one place I told you to try and stay out of. What do you think is the problem?!" Zane huffed in and out sharply.

So... "The problem is me." I didn't need him to say it. I was the problem here.

I was the one who had emotional issues.

I was the one keeping secrets from my best friends.

 was the one who was raped.

I was the one being put into Isolation for a month.

Zane didn't have to say a word for that to be clear. The expression on his face - his frown, his hesitant lip pursing, his loud breathing - told me everything.

"That's not true," he lied.

"You know it is. If I had never come here in the first place, none of this crap ever would've happened. You would still be going on like you used to. The three of you wouldn't have to be worrying about me all the time."

"But if you hadn't come here --"

"What!? Is there anything good that came out of my coming here?" I was starting to get really pissed off. 

He was trying to find something to direct my attention away from it being my fault that so many bad events took place.

"If you hadn't come here..." Zane paused, as if trying to think of the right words to say. "Who would I fall in love with?" The last part was a mutter, so my ears strained to hear it. Once the words reached my eardrum, my jaw dropped.




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