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💯Badass boys school💯

💥Imprison in a boys school💥

Episode 16

The man in the suit stepped out from behind Noah and Adam. His chocolate skin shined against the sunlight. Mr. Harrison.


Seriously, was our headmaster listening to my entire confession? Damnit, I think he was.

"Mr. Harrison...?" Zane, Noah, Adam, and I said softly. The headmaster nodded in response.

"What are you doing up here?" Noah asked.

"I heard from a number of reliable sources that Ms. Finch," he glanced at me, his eyebrow rising, "was about to jump from the school's roof. By what I've heard, they were correct."

A loud gulp sounded. Where did it come from? Me. The deep pitch and the eerie tone in his voice caused me to fear what he would say next. I don't exactly know why, but it did.

Zane began the motion of stepping in front of me, guarding me from the headmaster's stare. "Mr. Harrison, you don't --"

"Mr. Dale, please. If you don't mind, I wish to finish," Mr. Harrison snarled. 

Zane flinched slightly in front of me. 

"Drew, I think that it would be best for you if you were to be separated from these boys for a while." Our jaws dropped.

"No, I can't leave them," I protested. 

"They're my friends!"

"But did they help you through this?"

"No..." I quieted, bowing my head. 

Mr. Harrison nodded in triumph. 

"The only reason they didn't help is because they didn't know."

The headmaster sighed loudly. 

"That doesn't change the fact that you just attempted suicide. Not to mention your distant and depressed behavior lately."

"So...what now?" I asked.

"Isolation," the boys whispered. The principal shook his head up and down to signal that they were right.

"For one month - possible longer."
Isolation? Wait...

My mind flashed back to my first day at this school. I remembered when Zane was explaining shit about the school.

If you'd been doing too much badass stuff, Mr. Harrison and the other administrators placed you in isolation. Apparently, it was a room where it was virtually impossible to escape. You wouldn't be granted any privileges for as long as you were in there - possibly longer. 

When I asked how long a person would stay there for, he just shrugged and said, "Until you've been broken."

"Until I'm all smiles again, right?" I muttered under my breath.

"That's not all," Mr. Harrison said, ignoring my comment. "We will also be notifying your parents of this little incident, along with the conflicts you've had with Mr. Kelly." 

My head snapped up.

"What? You're telling my parents? 

No!" I refused. What would they think when they heard that their daughter, who was charged with homicide, almost commited suicide? What would the townspeople think?

Oh, she's definitely guilty - there's no doubt about it now. That's most likely what would be running through their heads.

"Also," he continued, "while you are in isolation - and afterwards if necessary - you will be seeing a therapist to discuss your problems." 

I hated the way he said that. He made it seem like I was insane; in some cases, I was. But since when do principals say, 'to discuss your problems,' like I was even more screwed up in the head than I already was.

"Yes, their my problems. Which means I have to deal with them."

"I'm afraid I can't do that. That would be putting your safety at risk. We wouldn't want this incident to happen again, would we? After all, if these boys weren't here, you would have been dead."

"Yeah, and then Frank wouldn't be stalking me or my friends anymore."

"This is not up for discussion, young lady. You are going to isolation and you are going to therapy. This is for your own good; is that clear?" Mr. Harrison's voice rose at me.

At first, I was shocked - he was forcing me to do something that I just didn't want to do. Talking about my problems hasn't always been a strong point of mine. The only people I can really talk to are my best friends: Zane, Noah, and Adam. Even though I've been keeping certain secrets from them since the notes started arriving, they knew more about me than anyone else. If I couldn't talk to them about anything, why the hell would I tell anything to a completestranger?
The longer I thought it over, the more I realized that it was pointless to protest. Mr. Harrison was obviously determined to make me do this.
Screw it,
 I thought. "I'll do it," I mumbled.

"Good. I'll set it up. You should be going tomorrow, at the earliest," the headmaster told me. He walked away from the four of us. Once he was gone, I glanced over at my friends. The three of them each had their jaws on the floor.

"You're...actually going?" Adam asked slowly.

"For a whole damn month?" said Noah. I nodded. Zane stayed silent. 

As I looked over at him, he turned away from me and started for the door.

"I'll see you back at the room," he announced.

For the next few minutes, Noah, Adam, and I stood without a sound. 

Eventually, it was almost time for curfew. We said our farewells before parting in front of our rooms.

I wonder what's wrong with Zane...
That's probably what he was thinking, too - in vise versa.

I wonder what's wrong with Drew...
 Zane would be thinking. 

I wonder what's so wrong that she couldn't talk to us.
 If only he knew... If only he knew.




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