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💯Badass Boys School💯

💥Imprison in a boys school💥

Episode 13

I guess this could be considered triggering for anyone who cuts, as I've been told.

For a while after what happened with Frank and Zane, I thought that life had gone back to normal. Even though I feared that Frank would return, I was attempting to put the anxiety aside. For a while, I had practically moved on from the experience and most of the wounds were healed, for the most part. My distress was severely diminished in the few weeks after the crime took place.

Axel and Blade were put into Isolation. Zane and I reconciled. 

Adam, Noah, Zane and I had become closer than ever. The only bad result of the incident was that Frank was nowhere to be found. 

There were rumors, but no evidence to corroborate them. Other than that tiny little down side, life was nice. That's what I thought, anyway.

At least, until the notes started turning up.

It started about one month after the incident. Zane, Noah and Adam had detention - big surprise. They were yelling at each other one day in Technology class, and they had to spend a month in detention after classes let out. Damn, they had strict rules here. Well, it is a boarding school that specializes in badass boys, after all. What more did I expect.

Because my friends were in detention for a few hours every day, I was alone. Most of the time, I sat there and strummed my guitar or played on my Nintendo DS, which I hadn't done since before I came here.

One day, that all changed.

And it's all because of that damn piece of paper that was slipped under my door on the first day of the detention sentence. It was small, folded five times, and red. Blood red.

I opened the note, my eyes attempting to adjust to the bright color. Black ink decorated the page with words. My eyes widened as I read it to myself.

📩Dear Drew,

I'm back, bitch. I'm coming for you.

Without love,
Frank Kelly📩

Oh, shit. That was so not good. At first, I was on the verge of freaking out. But then I figured that I was just being paranoid - it was probably some asshole down the hall who was trying to scare me. Shrugging my shoulders, I tossed the paper under my bed.

Boy, I was sure as hell wrong. How do I know this? Just a few days later, another note in blood red paper and black ink appeared by my doorway.

📩Dear Drew,
You won't know when it's coming. But I'm coming. And I will make you suffer.
With absolute hate,
Frank Kelly📩

Again, I thought that it was probably someone trying to scare me. So I tossed it under my bed just like the previous one. It would be a pretty weird story to tell Mr. Harrison. On second though, maybe I wouldn't tell him...

But I was wrong. No one was playing a prank. The notes became more frequent - and more disturbing.

📩I'm still out there. And I won't stop until I get my revenge.

I'm watching you.
You're all alone, Drew. When your little bodyguards aren't around, I'm closer than you think📩

The one that came a few minutes ago was the one that really got to me.

Have you gone insane yet? Have I tortured you enough yet? If I have, too bad. I'm going to keep you on the edge. I'm going to keep you wondering; I'll keep scaring the shit out of you. That is, until the day I finish you off.

I couldn't tell Zane or the others about it - that would only make it worse. But I couldn't take this anymore. This whole scenario was eating me up inside.

My eyes glanced at the clock - 5:03. I had another few hours until Zane returned. I had enough time.

Trembling, I walked to the bathroom and stared at my face in the mirror. I looked sick. My black hair had dulled tremendously. My green eyes had become practically emotionless except for the fear from Frank's antics. At this point, I was paler than a vampire. Damnit, I was losing it.

But I couldn't stop myself. I gripped the razor from inside the shower and pressed it against my arm. As I slid it against my arm, I grimaced and inhaled sharply. The blood slowly came out of the wound, running across my arm and dripping onto the floor and in the sink.

A few moments after I pressed my hand against the cut, I heard a knock at the door. Just like in those horror movies, I slowly walked to the door. I glanced at the ground and saw it.

Another note. With shaking hands, I unfolded the note.

📩Dear Drew,📩
Ha! I've pushed you to the breaking point. You can't control yourself anymore, can you? That just means that my mission will be completed soon! 
With hate and arrogance,
Frank Kelly"📩

Go fuck yourself, Frank, I thought to myself as I created another three gashes with the three blades of the razor.

But he was right. I couldn't control myself any longer. I was alone, and he was making me suffer.


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