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💯Badass Boys School💯

💥Imprison in a boys school💥

Episode 11

I ran through the halls, ignoring the boys' stares. In the far distance, my eyes detect the vague figure of three boys dragging another. It's them.

"Come on, Drew," I encouraged myself. Power built up inside, making me run faster than I ever have in my life. I had to help Zane. 

Even though he was attempting to kill me - or just scare the crap out of me - a few moments ago, I couldn't let them kill him.

My feet pounded against the hard floor, my breathing speeding up. As the image became clearer and clearer, I knew I was getting closer. I was flying down the hallway, ignoring the stares of those peering out of their doorways. I was fast.

But not fast enough. By the time I reached the group, the door was closing. Axel had his back turned as I collided with him. Blade and Frank were inside with Zane. As my chest hit his back, Axel swiveled and glared at me.

"You're not getting in, you know," he growled. I tried to shove him aside, but he wouldn't budge. Stepping back, I glowered at him. "You won't get in by glaring, dumbass."

His eyes seemed to be looking behind me. I turned my head slightly and caught Noah's eye. Noah's lip curled into a smirk. The way he looked at me helped my brain conjure up a plan.

The memory  was hazy, but the main idea still remained with me. Most of the details were vague, but I remembered it all. My first day at this school. The day I met Noah, Adam, and Zane.

"You wouldn't," I taunted.

"I would," Noah laughed. He pushed me onto my back and secured my wrist. Just as he was a few inches from my lips, I did something I'd never done to anyone before in my life.

I kneed him.

Noah groaned as he sank to the floor. Adam, Zane and I just pointed and laughed.

"Hey! That hurts!" Noah forced out.

In my mind, a lightbulb went off. 

The recollection told me what it was I had to do to get inside the room.

I pursed my lips for a moment before lifting my knee. My knee pressed into Axel's stomach, making him bend forward and drop to the floor with a groan. Smirking at him, I reached for the door handle. It was locked. Damn. I jerked it, trying to force it unlocked.

"Axel?" Blade said through the door.
"Blade, open the door," Axel moaned before I could imitate him.

My mouth slightly open, the door opened. I had only seconds to figure out a plan. Blade's face peeked out from behind the door before revealing his whole body. 

Before he could react to me standing in the doorway, I raised my fist. My fist hit his nose, making his head snap back. As blood ran from his nose, I punched him again - in the cheek. Blade blinked rapidly. I grasped his shirt collar and thrust him at Axel. They lay on the floor, clutching their stomachs and faces. 

Glancing at them for only a second, I sprinted into the room.

Axel's room.

Blade's room.

Frank's room.

Their room.

I entered the room. Frank looked up at me, abhorrence in his eyes. Next to him, I saw Zane. He looked as if in excruciating pain.

"Get away from him," I said.

"Oh, lookie here," Frank teased. 

"When did you get all confident?"

"Since about two seconds ago," I breathed. I ran towards him and pushed him against the wall, allowing Zane to get up. But he wouldn't move. "Zane, get up." When he still wouldn't get up, I had no choice but to let go of Frank. I knelt down next to him and brushed the hair out of his face. That's when I noticed the black eye.

And the blood draining from his arm.




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