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💥Imprison in boys school💥

Episode 1

"But Mom! I didn't do anything!" I screamed at my mother.
"Drew Pamela Finch, don't lie to me!"

"I'm not!"
"That's not what the police say!" Mom replied.

It figures that the police would suspect the anti-social girl who, although hasn't gotten in too much trouble, doesn't have friends. That would've just turned me into the anti-social girl who 
did get in trouble. Just like I was at this moment.

"The police lie!" Suddenly, I felt a hand slap me on the back of the head. Whirling around, I saw my father's face - a face currently twisted with anger.

He glared down at me. That's understandable, considering I had apparently killed someone while being on the other side of town. "I think I know what's going on here." My mother glanced down at the ground while I just stared at my father with a confused expression on my face. "It's Alex, isn't it? He's making you commit illegal actions, isn't he?"

My head shook furiously. In fact, neither of us had anything to do with the crime that took place over three months ago. Jin Yasir, the owner of a very successful sales industry, was murdered then. For whatever reason, the authorities seem to believe that I was the killer. That's absurd! My boyfriend, Alex, and I were on the other side of town during the time of the murder!

"What are we supposed to do now?" Mom asked.

Dad thought silently for a few moments before answering. "They said that she may need to be put in a facility until they know for sure who the culprit is." He turned to me. "They want to put her in a boarding school - a juvenile delinquint school. Tomorrow. The Harrison --"
"No," I said. "I'm not going. I'm not leaving Alex here and --"
"Oh, I forgot," my father interrupted. "We have to forbid you from seeing that boy. He's a bad influence on you."

My breathing became rough with anger. "No!" I shouted. Refusing to hear anything more, I sprinted to the front door, grabbing my phone on the way out. My feet pounded against the pavement while my ears ignored the calling of my name behind me.

Eventually, I had to stop. Out of breath, I rested my hands on my knees. Breathing deeply, I pulled out my Blackberry Curve and punched in a familiar number. The ringing sounded for about five seconds before a click signaled he had picked up.

"Drew?" Alex's voice filled my ears. He was the only person I could count on right now. Even if he was a total badass and he could lie his way out of a lot, he was truthful with me. "Your parents just called me - are you okay?"

It took me a second to respond. "I'm fine. Is it all right if I come over?" Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes, which caused me to try and choke them down, which caused me to sound as if I were being strangled.

"Yeah, you can come," he replied. I heard a female voice in the background, followed my the click that told me Alex had hung up. That was strange.

By this point, I had reached my boyfriend's house. Once I reached the door, my hand was just about to turn the knob when it opened on its own. At first, I presumed it was Alex. As the door opened wider, I was proved wrong.
In the doorway, tall and confident, stood a blond girl. She looked around my age - fifteen. To be blunt, she looked like she had just woken up. That wasn't a good sign. Alex came up behind her and kissed her cheek. Immediately afterwards, he saw me standing in front of them.

"Crap," he muttered. I swirled on my heels and began to walk away. "Drew!" Alex called, gripping my wrist. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

My eyes met his. "What exactly did you not mean to do?"

It was this time that the random girl spoke up. "He had sex with me. He's been having sex with me," she sneered. I gulped loudly as the stranger walked away. Wow, what a coincidence! She lives right next door!
Wripping my hand from his, I glared at Alex.

"I'm so sorry, Drew. Let me make it up to you, please," he pleaded. His face looked honest, but his green eyes were filled with guile. Above us, the sun hid behind the clouds, causing his dirty blonde hair to suddenly dull.

"Well, you don't exactly have a lot of time to do it," I growled. In response, Alex's expression shifted to one that told me he was completely lost. "You know the man who was murdered a couple of months ago?" He nodded. "The police think that I was the one who did it, so they want to send me away to a boarding school. Tomorrow."
His jaw dropped. Breathing softly, he held out his hand. "Please, Drew. I don't want to lose you - even if you're going to some boarding school."

Glaring at him, I shook my head. "I can't, Alex," I said. As I walked away, his jaw remained ajar. Turning around for just a second, I put my hands on my hips. "Close your mouth; you don't want any flies to fly into it." With that, I stormed away. Thankfully, as soon as the scum was out of my sight, my phone rang. It beeped three times before I took it out.

*Mom's Cell*
Inhaling loudly, I answered it and told her where I was. In a few minutes, my parents pulled up to the corner where I was standing. It was raining, so I was now drenched in water. Again, what a coincidence.

As the three of us sat silently in the car, my thoughts weren't focused on revenge that I would get on Alex. They weren't focused on trying to clear my name. They were, however, focused on escaping from this town. How much humiliation could I take?
"Mom? Dad?" I said. Two heads slightly turned in my direction. "I'll go. I'll go to that boarding school."

"Are you sure?" Dad asked.
"Weren't you just telling me I had to go a little while ago?" I responded. "Yes, I'm sure."
"All right," my mother stated. "But there's one thing you should know first."
This wasn't going to be good. "What?"
In unison, they both answered me. "It's a boys boarding school."

"What?" I said again.
My father spoke alone this time. "The Harrison Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquints is a school for boys."

Then why were they sending me there?

Mom must have read my mind. "There aren't available schools like this for girls, Drew." 'Schools like this,' she said. Schools for people who have messed up minds, but not messed up enough to go to an insane asylum. They don't have those for females?

We were in silence on the way home. The entire way home, I was thinking the same word over and over again.





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