Sunday, 14 June 2020



😜{Bad boy in love}😜


👑Chase Alecjandro 👑

The cars pulled up at the parking lot. The students had began to gather around just to get a view .

Calvin stepped out first, Ian second , Davis next , Stephan I came out lastly looking so dashing.

" Look everyone the BOYFRIENDS are here" someone shouted and the whole students of Charlie Adams high came out .

Some were taking pictures while some where drooling.

But one thing still remains the same I don't go anywhere without my face mask to avoid any form of scandal.

Let's just say no one has ever seen my face except close relations like my friends and family.

Even the servants and all the girls have had haven't seen my face.

😁God he's so dreamy."

😁 Ain't they just cute."

😁 Marry me Chase"

😁I love you Calvin"

😁 I love you Davis" they all kept saying.

" It never gets old." Ian SMiled and someone fainted.

I shoved my hands into my pocket and Walked ahead of my friends while they trailed behind me.

The screams from the girls can make someone go deaf.

When tragedy struck. Someone tripped and fell down infront of me spilling milkshake on my 50,000 dollars shoes.

Everyone gasps and went silent immediately.

"I'm sorry please forgive me it wasn't intentional. " The girl in glasses pleaded.

" I'll only forgive you on two conditions." I said in my ever deep sexy voice.

" Please don't mark me please." She kept saying.

Gush she's so ugly with a giant mole on her nose.

The sight of her alone disgust me.

" Lick it off." Davis said coldly.

It was like he was reading my thoughts.

" Huh?" She said in a cracked voice.

" Don't only lick the top also the bottom. Or you wanna be marked?" I chuckled softly

I hate commoners with so much passion. They're like nasty weed that affect the growth of good grass.



  1. I hate u too ass*hole u think everyone is born with a silver spoon
    don't worry u will come begging a commoner one day for love

  2. This chase of a guy is so bossy



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