Sunday, 14 June 2020



😜{Bad boy in love}😜


🌹 Arielle Lawson 🌹

I blinked my eyes open as cold water landed on me.

" Wake up Arielle." I heard distant chatter.

" What happened?" I murmured.

" You suddenly scream and passed out." Phil said with concern.

That was when it dawned on me why I'd pass out.

I jumped up and picked up the files again and went through the admission letter before screaming again.

I just got admitted into Charlie Adams high school on scholarship.

Everyone kept staring at me strangely.

I stopped screaming and compose myself.

" I just admitted into Charlie Adams high!!!" I screamed out loud excitedly.

Phil's facial expressions changed drastically.

" Really? Let me see." He dragged the papers from my hands and went through the content.

The students were busy murmuring things to themselves as they looked at me like am some god.

Good bye Beverly high!

" Congratulations best." He said with a smile.

" Yeah thanks." I collected everything from him.

God am so happy right now.

I never thought a day like this would come.

Katrina is gonna be happy to hear this.

" I guess this is good bye." Phil said sadly.

" Come on Phil you know distance can't seperate us okay we'll still be best friends. By the way you wanted to tell me something? " I reminded him.

" It nothing nevermind. I guess I'll see you around then." He smiled and walked away.

Okay what's up with him ?

I giggled and ran outta School happily.

I didn't take a cab today am just gonna wander around the city.

Am too happy about it.

I giggled and walked towards an ice cream corner.

Am so so happy am gonna get to see my crush everyday.

I took out my phone and glance at his pictures.

I ended up hugging my phone to my chest.



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