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😜{Bad boy in love}😜


🌹 Arielle Lawson 🌹

What was Phil trying to say earlier? 

He didn't get to say what was bothering him before the principal had sent for me

I guess am just gonna meet up with him after escaping from the Lion's den.

I Walked towards the principal's office with fear written all over me.

Principal Randall is not the friendly kinda principal and she doesn't just invite students to her office there's definitely a reason for summoning me. 

What have I done wrong actually?

I stopped infront of her office door and knocked on it gently.

I heard a come in as cold chills ran down my spine.

Deep breath Arie , don't be scared you didn't do anything .

I kept assuring myself as I slowly opened the door and walked into her office.

My legs went jellies when I saw her stone code face.

Jeez does this lady ever consider smiling?

" sent for me ma'am." I shuttered.

" Yes miss Lawson , have a seat " she gestured me to the chair infront of her desk.

Okay this is weird.

Principal Randall just offered me a seat in her office.

"Well I called you here after receiving a notice from the scholarship board. " She paused and looked at me with an expressionless face.

Please please please please I pray it's good news.

I crossed my fingers under the desk as I pray silently.

" The whole examination has been reviewed and the results are out. Have this , you can check it yourself. " She handed me an envelope.

I collected it with shaky hands.

"T.T... thanks." I managed to say.

" That would be all Missy." She dismissed me from her office.

I walked outta her office quickly. I breath out in relief the moment I stepped outta her office.

Ptweew that was so awkward back there.

I glanced at the envelope in my hands.

Am so scared right now, what if I didn't get Chosen?

There's no harm in checking.

I slowly opened up the envelope as I found few documents in it and a letter.

I pulled it out and read it contents.

WTF 😳😳😳 unbelievable!!.

"Omg OMG OMG" I scream out and passed out.




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