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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

        Episode   38.


I let out a cough as I slowly open my eyes and breathe out heavily. 

 The memories comes flashing back and I cough again.
 Damn! I thought I almost died. 

 "Are you okay? "
 A voice asks from beside me and I turn around to look at him. 

 My eyes widens as I look at the guy with gray eyes in front of me. 
He's really beautiful. 
He could win the world handsome face and his skin, it looks just so clean and spotless. 

 "Are you okay? "
 He asks again and that voice almost sounds familiar but I don't think I've seen the face ever before. 

 "Yea. Thank you. "
 I look around and I'm on a bed. Whose room is this? 

  "Who are you? "
 I ask the guy beside me. How can his voice be familiar yet I've never seen his face before? 

 "Um.. I.. I. "
 He says, stuttering and I narrow my eyes. What's that? 

 "Came to help you. "
 He smiles. That didn't answer my question though. 

 "Where am I? "
 I ask again and he stares at me for a while before looking away from me. 

 "Calvin's. "
 He says and my eyes widens. I.. I didn't leave already? 

 "What? What time is it? "
 I ask again and he sighs. 

 "Seven in the morning. "
 What the...?
I jump out of the bed immediately. 
It's seven in the morning? 
How long have I been sleeping? 
Sister.. She must be so worried about me. 
Where the hell is my phone? 

 "Is she awake? "
 A voice says from afar and the door opens, revealing Calvin. 

 I ignore him and try to look for my phone. 
That's when I realized I'm not in my clothes. 
I'm putting on a white robe. 

 What the..? 
What the hell has he done to me?! 

 My eyes shoot at him and I jump on him immediately. 
I don't care if he's rich or one of the boyfriends. 
How dare he do something this nasty? 

 "How dare you?! You piece of trash! "
 I yell, yanking at his hair and I was pulled away from him by the guy. 

 "Let go of me. Let go, he must pay for this. "
 I yell but he hold me tightly. 

 "How dare you touch me?! "
 I shout, trying hard not to let the tears fall but he only sighs. 

 "I didn't touch you. "

 "What are you talking about you shit! Where are my clothes? How come I'm in this?! "
 I yell and he shakes his head.

 He thinks this is funny right now? 

 "I didn't touch you and your clothes were wet when you were pulled from the swimming pool. 
To prevent you from catching cold, it was changed to that. "
 Oh. That was it. 
But still, him seeing my half nakedness gives me goosebumps. 

 "By whom?! "
 I yell. I didn't see any maids here so who could have changed my clothes? 

 "By him! "
 He snaps and I look back at the beautiful guy. 
"He wanted to do it, if you want  had done it. I would have done something nasty probably so he changed it. "
 He adds and I gulp in. 

 I don't know but this beautiful man changing my clothes is much more better than Calvin changing my clothes. 
I knew there was something bad about him. 
 "Where's my phone? I need to call home. "
 I mutter, jerking away from the guy. 
Who's he Exactly and how's he here? 
He isn't one of the boyfriends so how come he's here? 

 "Where is she? "
 A voice booms through the room and I raise my brows. 

 The door opens and the other boyfriends comes bursting in. 
Davis. Ian. Stephan. 

 My eyes meets with Ian and my hearts skips a beat. What was that for? 

 "Your phone is downstairs. "
 Calvin says and I nod before walking away, proceeding to get my phone when someone holds my hand.



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