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{😜Bad boy in love😜}

Episode    37.


I placed the package at the front of my bicycle before driving towards the direction of the address. 

 I look around the house and it hits me. 
I've been to this house before. Yea, I came here yesterday and I saw Calvin. 

 I sigh before grabbing the pizza and walking toward the house. 
I ring the doorbell and wait for him to open up. 

 The gate opens and he smiles at me. 
I don't feel any way comfortable with him around. 
I keep getting this bad vibe around him. 

 "Arielle. Our brave student. "
 He smiles at me and I smile before stretching the pizza to him. 

 "Would you mind coming in? I didn't bring the money with me. "
 He says with a smile and I look around, contemplating whether to go in or not. 

 I don't think I have any other choice. 
It's just to get the money anyways and I'll be out. 

 "Okay. "
 I utter and step in while he closes the gate. 
He opens the door and I shift uncomfortably between my legs before walking in. 

 A gasp slid through my throat as I look round the huge house. 
Oh my fucking goodness! 

 This place looks like a palace. 
The couches are white and gold. 
There's a swimming pool at the middle of the living room, just few meters away from the couches. 

 Who in the hell has a swimming pool in their living room. 
These guys are sick.

 I look around and there are pictures of the boyfriends. 
They all look dashing except I can't find chases picture. 
I still will like to know who he is under that mask really. 

 I smile as I look at Ian's photo. He's smiling a little in there. 
Seeing the picture made me remember the Spanish tutor. 
It was so fun and funny. 
Maybe to me but I had fun. 

 It's the first time I've ever seen him ever say long sentences and I can sense he was getting frustrated by them but nevertheless I kept making mistakes and he would scold me with a frown on his face. 

 I chuckle at the thought better looking away. 
Why isn't he here already? 

 He comes out of a room and stretch the money to me. 
Just as I stretch my hand to the it, he pulls me to himself and I gasp as our chests nearly touched. 

 What the hell is he doing? 

 "You're really beautiful. "
He smiles at me and I raise my brows. 
What the fuck is happening here? 

 He begins to move his head closer to me but I shake my head and move backwards, pulling my hand away from him. 

 He keeps moving forward and I move backwards. 
I gasp when my leg tripped and I fall into the swimming pool. 

 Oh no, I can't swim! 

 "Help me! "
 I shout before I deep back into the pool. 

 I try to keep my breathing but it's impossible and it starts getting more difficult to breath. 

 I gasp as I breathe out in the water and my body begins to go down slowly. 
No, I can't die.
My sister. My sister. 
I can't die now. 

 I try to keep my eyes open but it closes on their own accord and all I could see was darkness.



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