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  {😜Bad boy in love😜}

      Episode      36.


 That stupid damn girl! She's definitely gonna regret it. I will make sure she regrets it. How dare she tries to make me look like a fool in front of Ian? 

 I will make her life miserable in this school. She doesn't know me yet. 
No one ever messes with me and go Scot free. 
I will make sure she comes back here begging and I will see to it that she's sent out of this school. 
How dare she tries to get close to Ian,? My baby? 
I don't care about the other boyfriends but no one dares tries to go to my Ian and go Scot free. 

 What is he tutoring her anyways? I don't even care. I just need to get her away from him and punish her for being so rude to me. 

  I walk into the girlfriend private class and Fiona is twerking while Brianna shoots the video. 

 "Flower, why do you look like that? "
 Fiona stops twerking and I sigh. 

 "That bitch! The new student. She's really getting on my nerves. I saw her at the rooftop with Ian. "

 "What?! "
 Fiona yells and I nod. 

 "That's insane. Why are they there? What did you tell her? "

 "Of course I couldn't do anything when Ian is watching. You know he hates it when I bully others, he's probably going to hate me. "
 I groan. 

 "Don't you think he already hate you? "
 Fiona eyes and my eyes shoot to her. 

 "What do you mean by that? "

 "He watched you while you tried to strip the girl naked for having his phone. He already saw you bullying so what's there to hide anymore? "
 She shrugs and I groan. 
Damn! That's right. 
I forgot about him cause I was so angry at that time. 
He was in the bathroom with her. How dare she?! 

 "Guys, Sasha just texted me. She's coming back next week. "
 Brianna says and I roll my eyes. 
I don't like that girl one bit. Always acting so kind. She creeps me out. 

 "Really? Oh, I can't wait to meet her. "
 Fiona grins. Bird of the same feathers. 
They're Exactly the same only Fiona isn't that nice especially when she's angry. 

  "Are you guys listening to me about this girl? "

  "There's nothing we can do. I don't want Stephan to hate me, and besides three of the boyfriends have already withdrawn their bullying permission. "
 Because of that slut! 

 "She might get close to Stephan though.. "
 I say and Flora's eyes shoot at me. 
She's the scariest when she's angry. Even more cruelest than Brianna. 

 "That's impossible. She dare won't. "

 "Ian is Stephan's close friend, of course she'll get close to him then try to seduce her too. "
 I grin, glad my plan is working too. 

 "I'm getting that girl out of this school! By hook or by crook! "
 She shouts and I grin. Plan worked. 


 "What are you doing Calvin? "
 I ask my brother. We're in our private penthouse and he's dialing a number. 

 "Ordering pizza. "

 "Why pizza again? "
 I groan and he laughs  

 "I don't really want the pizza, I want the girl. "
 He smirks and I raise my brows at him. 

 "What girl? "
 I ask, dropping my phone beside me. 

 "Arielle. She works at the pizza shop and once she comes to deliver, I'll lure her in and have my way with her. "
 He smirks and I don't know why I don't feel good about this.



  1. Calvin should beta nt try nonsence

  2. For your mind Calvin. What a pity

  3. For ur mind calvin is like u want to receive hot slap

  4. Hmmm

    and u think she is that stupid?

  5. Calvin wait till you are baptised with slaps then you will know who Arielle is....



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