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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

     Episode       35.


 I sigh and look at Ian who's also staring at me.
He told me to come here for Spanish tutoring and now, he's telling me to go because of her? 

 "I'm sorry, I will go."
 I bow before turning to walk away when he calls my name and I turn back. 
 "Where are you going? You have class to attend. "
 He says and I raise my brows. Is he really alright? 
He asked me to come here then told me to leave and now he's asking me where I'm going? 

 "You said you didn't told me to come here. "
 I tell him and flower looks at the both of us. 

 "Wasn't to you. "
 He says shortly like he always says and I raise my brows. 
Then who's he talking to? 
There's only me, him and flower. I don't think he will be talking to flower. 

 "Her.. "
 He says, jotting me out of my thoughts and my eyes widens while flowers mouth falls open. 

 "Baby.. "
 She calls and Ian scoffs. 

 "When did I turned to your boyfriend? "
 He turns to her and she just stares at him before turning to me, glaring so hard at me. 

 I swear if looks could kill right now, I will be twenty feet underground. 

 "You caused this you piece of shit! "
 She yells and I scoff. 

 "Don't ever blame me for your misfortune flower. "
 I say and she looks surprised that I talked back at her. 

 I promised that I wouldn't meddle in their business's and stay off their path but that doesn't mean I won't defend myself when she tries to act smart. 

 "Did you just talked back at me?! "
She shouts and I merely roll my eyes at her. 
She's talking as if it's some kind of big deal. 

I'm not dumb and I would talk back to whoever deserves it. 

 "Did you just.. "
 She stops and look behind at Ian. Guess she's afraid of him seeing her true form. 

 "Can you leave, flower? I need to tutor. "
 Ian says and flower looks at me once more before walking away angrily and I turn to Ian who's staring at me. 

 I look away and sit down on the floor before bringing out my books, ready for the tutoring. 

 "Do you even know Spanish at all? "
 He asks and I nod. 

 "Yes but only few short ones. "

 "Say them. "
 He says and I gulp in before nodding. 

 "Bunches Dias. That's good morning. "

 "Lo siento. That's I'm sorry. "

 "Estoy bien. That's I'm okay. "

 "Gracias. Thank you. "

 "Te amo.. "
 I say and gulp in, saying nothing. 

 "And what's that? "
 He asks and I look up at him, his eyes on mine. 

 "I love you. "



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