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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

      Episode    34.


 "I didn't see Arielle in music class. "
 Calvin laughs and I shake my head. 
This Arielle girl again. 

 "She didn't choose music. "
 Davis says. He seem to he getting more closer to the girl than Calvin. 

 "Really? Almost every student choose music just so they could see us. The few that didn't is because they failed the test. 
Why didn't she? "
 Calvin utters and I roll the ball in my hand. 

 "She really doesn't care about seeing the boyfriends. "
 Davis laughs. 
"She choose Spanish. Saw her this morning. "
 Spanish? The same class as Ian? 

 "Didn't Ian also chose Spanish? "
 Stephan says for the first time we've been in this room and finally stop snapping pictures. 

 "That's right. He uses it to pass away time. "
 Calvin says and laughs. 
"Is she into Ian or something? Why following him around? "

 "Idiot. She's not, how will she know Ian is in Spanish in the first place? "
 Davis rolls her eyes and Stephan laughs. 

 "Why are you defending her? "
 Calvin narrows his eyes at Davis who glare at him and Stephan chuckles again while I let out a small laugh. 

 "If the students knew Ian is in Spanish class. They probably will crowd that place. "
 Stephan says again, staring at his phone. 
He's going through the pictures. 
He's so weird. 
He would snap a hundred pictures, delete sixty and leave forty. 

 "I wonder how its going. Ian would probably be angry that a student found out. "

 "I've been thinking. "
 Davis says and we all look up at him. 
 "The bet was a stupid thing, I don't wanna do that anymore. "
 He sighs and I look away, staring at the ball in my hand. 

 "Why? You aren't confident? Scared you're gonna lose? "
 Calvin laughs and Davis glares at him. 

 "If I wanted to. I will have a upper hand. I already got close to her and you have nothing. "
 He smirks at Calvin who rolls his eyes. 

 "I just think its a stupid thing. She's innocent. "
 He shrugs. 

 "Zaina was innocent. "
 Calvin retaliates. 

 "Zaina was a mistake and besides, she wasn't so innocent. "

 "Okay, you can give up but I'm not going to. I still will have her in bed and if I do, you're still going to give me that money. "
 He sounds so confident of himself. 

 "You won't have her in bed. You won't even get pass trying to kiss her before she slaps sense into you. "
 Davis rolls his eyes and we all chuckle. 

 "Why are you confident of that? Ate you going to tell her,? "
 Calvin raises his brows at Davis who sighs. 
  "I'm not telling her anything but I know you won't have her in bed. "

 "Okay then let's see what will happen and don't you dare tell her anything if she's really innocent or not. We shall see. "
 Calvin smirks and I stop the ball in my hands. 

 Calvin wants her in bed. 
Stephan doesn't really care. 
 Davis is defending her. 
She's following Ian around. 

 Who exactly are you? 
I just don't get it. 

 I could have easily say I support flower humiliating her because that same girl dared to talk back at me. 

 I should have her punished but I couldn't say anything. 
Instead I find it interesting that someone stood up to me, the same way I find it annoying. 

 The same I want to hurt her, I don't want to hurt her. 
 The same way I want to find out more about her. I want her away from this school. 
 Who exactly is she? 


 "So you mean you saw boyfriend Ian in your Spanish class? "
 Ria eyes widens and I look around. Grateful that anyone didn't see us. 

 After leaving the Spanish class, I went in search for her and I found out in music class but the others already left.  

 Now, we're headed towards the cafeteria for semi lunch. 
It's crazy right? That's what ria told me. 
We have a semi lunch before lunch so we can take a break from classes. 
In semi lunch it's only snacks.. No real food. 

 "Keep your voice down a little. "
 I say and she nods. 

 "Yea  sorry. I'm just surprised he's there. That's why he isn't in the music class with his other band. 
Everyone has always been wondering where he is but no one actually ever thought of Spanish. "
 She laughs as we enter the semi lunch cafeteria. 
It's actually different from the main one. 
It's a little smaller than the main one but it's just as beautiful as it. 

 Students are already in here and we walk to the counter to get our lunch. 

 💬 Everyone look, the poor girl has come again. 
A girl chuckles, pointing at me and they all burst into laughter while I roll my eyes. 

 I actually had a good morning when no one was disturbing. 
The Spanish class was so quiet, no wonder boyfriend Ian choose there. 

 💬 The little bitch that wanted to fuck boyfriend Ian in the toilet. 

 They all laugh again and I shake my head. They are really provoking me. 

Just as I was about to talk back at the girl that made that comment, ria beats me to it. 
 "Don't you guys have something to do? 
You guys aren't different. No, you guys are the real bitches. I'm sure any one of you would have gladly offer herself to any of the boyfriends so why are you all acting like some sort of saint? "
 Ria yells. It's the first time I've ever seen her yell and she looks so angry right now. 

 Everywhere goes quiet and we grab our pizza before walking to a seat as their eyes follows our movement. 

 "Didn't know you could get angry. "
 I tease and she chuckles, shaking her head. 

  "so he's gonna tutor you for the next two days. "
 She squeals with a big grin. 
Great. Now she's back to fangirling. 


 Classes are already over and I say goodbye to ria before walking towards the rooftop. 

 I climb on the stairs and the breeze blew my hair as I arrive on the rooftop, only to see someone I never expected. 


 "What are you doing here? ''
 She glares at me and I gulp in. 

 Her eyes widens as she looks at something behind and I turn to see Ian, staring at the both of us. 

 "Baby, why is she here, Uh? How come she knows your secret place I thought you had nothing to do with her  "
 She rushes  to Ian, pushing me out of the way and I scoff. 

 Ian turns to look at me and I gulp in. 

 "I didn't ask you to come here. "
 He says, staring at me. 
What? Is he kidding me right now?



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