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 {😜Bad boy in love😜}

      Episode     33.


 He turns to me and stares at me. It's really him. 

 "Are you gonna seat or you're gonna stare? "
 He raises his brows and I look down immediately. 

 Why is he here? 
I gulp in before counting my footstep and sitting at the far edge of the class which is far away from him. 

 He doesn't seem to mind either. I watch him as he chews something - probably a gum - in his mouth and stares out the window. 
He plugged the headphones in his ear and I sigh. 

 He's putting on the same clothes as Davis but different shoe. 
Instead of just boyfriends. He has Boyfriend Ian inscribed round his. 

 I stare at him for minutes before shaking my head and dropping my bag on the desk. 
I bring out my laptop together with a note and pen and the teacher walks in. 

 "Buenas dies. 
(Good morning) " 
 She greets in Spanish and I smile. 
I love Spanish so much. I even dreamt of going to Spain one day. 

"Oh, we have a new student amongst us. Do you mind introducing yourself please? "
 She smiles and I nod before standing up. 

 "Good morning. I'm Arielle, the new transfer student. "
 She claps and I smile before sitting down back and looking around. 

 We're the only ones in this room. Why isn't people coming here? 
Oh that's right, ria said most choose music cause of the boyfriends. 

 "Can you speak Spanish Arielle? "
 The teacher looks at me and I turn to see boyfriend Ian staring at me, looking away immediately I gulp in. 

 "A little. "
 I answer and she nods before sitting on the chair next to the board. 

 "We've really learnt a lot in this class and you'll be far behind. I don't think you would be able to understand the teaching I'm about to teach because we've learnt the basics already. "
 She sighs and I gulp in. 
Oh, that means I will have to quit or what? 

 "Okay, here is what we are going to do.
You're going to meet Ian up later so he can teach you everything before you both come back. "

 I look over at boyfriend Ian and he has already removed his headphones. 
I guess he heard that. 

 "I won't. "
 He utters and I almost roll my eyes. 
Why can't he ever speak in full sentences? 

 "Ian please you have to help me. Going back to teach all over again is gonna be stressful. Just teach her some basics, I'm sure she'll catch up on others  "
 She smiles. Wow, she begging him? 

 "I'm sorry but I'm very busy. "
 He says. He's polite. 
I thought they were all supposed to be rude. 

 "I know you are busy  You have to sing and everything but please, just help me. I'm sure you guys will be able to get it done before Thursday which is the next two days. 
Since you're very good in Spanish and she's eager to learn. I know it will work out  "
 She smiles and I look over at Ian who also stares at me and sighs, looking away as if he's weighing his options. 

 "Okay. "
 He finally says after a long silence. 

 "Really. Thank you so much Ian. "
 The teacher beams. I still can't believe she begged him and thanked him. 
Maybe because he's a boyfriend. 
"Arielle be a good girl. I will see you guys Thursday. "
 She smiles and grab her iPad before walking out of the room, leaving me together with Ian. 

 I don't know what to say. Should I talk first about him teaching me or...? 

 "The rooftop. Come thee after school hours. "
 He says and with that, he stands up and walk out with his hands in his pocket and the headphone round his head. 

 I can't believe I'm about to get tutored by him.



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