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  {😜Bad boy in love 😜}

    Episode       31.


I am in shock as I stare at Phil who stares back at me with a smile plaster across his face. 
 "I... I don't understand. "
 I shake my head and he chuckles before looking away from me. 

 "It's okay. I know how shocking that must have been but it's really the truth, I do like you. "
 He says, this time sounding more confident of himself. 

 "I.. How can you like me? I mean you're my best friend. Best friends aren't supposed to like each other. "
 He chuckles and I turn to look at him. 

 "It's okay if you don't feel the same way Arie but I just wanted you to know that I do and I'm not gonna give up on my feelings just because we're friends, neither am I gonna allow this to affect our friendship but I like you Arielle. That's the truth "
 I look away from him and stares up at the sky. 

 This is really weird right now. That time when your best friend whom you only consider as someone you confine in. 
Your best friend whom you tell everything  
Your boyfriend whom you tell every of your secrets .
That friend that has been half part of your life suddenly comes to you and tell you he likes you. 
My heart is beating so fast that I'm scared he might actually hear. 
How can this be possible?
How can he possibly love me? 

 "I don't want you to think about what I just said Arie.. "
 He says, breaking the silence that has leaps between us. "I know it's quite surprising that I'm coming to you like this but I do want us to be more than just friends but I know you don't want us to. 
So I'll take it slowly. Let's just focus on our friendship. "
 I wasn't able to do anything but to just nod. 
I'm really shocked to say anything right now. 
I can't even think of anything to say. 

 "You should go ahead inside. I don't want you to be late for school tomorrow because of me. "
 He stands up and look down at me  stretching his hand forward to me. 

 I take it and he pulls me up while I quickly withdraw my hand and stare down at my feet like its the most interesting thing to do. 

 "Goodnight Arie. I'll see you soon. "
 I nod and he pecks my cheek. That action made me flinch and he narrows his eyes at me. 

 "I told you not to think about it. "
 I know I shouldn't but I can't help it.. I think. 

 "I won't. "
 I force a smile at him and he nods before walking away while staring at me at short intervals. 

 I let out a sigh after he disappears into the dark and I stare up at the stars. This is really weird. 
I can't believe he said he likes me. 

 I tuck my hair behind my ear before climbing through my window to my room. 

 I collapse on the bed and the words keeps coming in my head. 
That's right. Just like he said, I should forget about what he said. 

 I shouldn't let it affect our friendship. 

 I sigh and collapse on the bed, my gaze going to the wall clock. 
 It's 12:30am already. Why is sister not here already? 

 I grab my phone and dial her number but it isn't going through. 

 I sigh, frustrated and drop the phone back on the bed before walking out of my room, downstairs. 

 I have to wait for her. She has never been this late before.
What's happening today? 
Oh god. I hope she's alright. 

 I pace up and down the living room. 
I go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water before going back to the living room. 

 I rest my head on the couch and hold the pillow to my chest. 

 I try keeling my eyes open but it closes on its own accord and my eyes shuts tightly. 
Image of my clothes getting tore by the guards fills my dream.



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